Window Repairs

Repairs for your windows and window frames

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    Are your windows in need of some repairs?

    Window repairs are one of the most commonly requested repair items that we receive. Our team fixes a whole range of window problems on an almost daily basis so if you’re in need of a window repair, then chances are we can help you. And if it’s an interesting or unusual problem that we haven’t come across before, we have the problem solving experience to figure out the best solution. We can also replace any necessary hardware, like hinges, fly screens or winders.

    Do you have a specific window repair problem that you would like to know more about? Just follow one of these page links to learn more.

    Rotten Windows ->
    Is the timber of your window or window frame rotting away to nothing? Learn more about how we can repair or replace your rotten windows!

    Stuck Windows ->
    Are you unable to open your windows anymore? Well, your home does need air flow and ventilation, so learn more about how we can unstick your windows for you!

    Window Frame Replacement ->
    Is your window frame beyond repair? We can build a new one to suit your window cavity. Find out how here!

    Broken Window Panes ->
    Has someone accidentally broken your window pane? We can replace the glass for you! Find out more about replacement glass here.

    Window Frame Painting ->
    Are your windows already in decent condition, and you just need them painted? Learn about our window frame painting service here!

    Window Alteration and Removal ->
    Sometimes you need to change the layout of your home and a window will need to be removed or the size needs to be changed. Learn more about how we do this.

    For all other window enquiries, contact us today with pictures of your window-related issue, and we’ll contact you to organise a quote, repair or assessment!

    Helpful Hint #162

    A freshly painted window can occasionally get a little stuck because of the new (and thicker) coat of paint! Don't panic, it'll loosen up over time as you've open and closed it a few times.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends on the damage and the sort of aluminium frame. We may need to replace it with a like-for-like aluminium frame.

    We do indeed replace broken window glass!

    This is a bit more involved than some of the window repairs that we do, but it is definitely something we can help you out with. The window frame would need to built as new or modified, the framing it sits in would need to be extended, replastered and painted, and new glass would have to be installed.

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