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    Home painting is something that a lot of people try to do themselves to save a bit of money. It’s one of those things that seems straightforward enough to do on your own. Most of us have been there before, helping out our family members with a working bee to get a house painted. This isn’t always the best solution though, as there are many things to consider when painting correctly.

    We’ve had to do many paint rectification jobs that could have been easily avoided by doing things correctly from the start. With painting jobs, you tend to get what you pay for. Incorrectly prepped surfaces can lead to flaking or cracking paint that needs to be fixed. You could end up with an ugly finish that’s simply not presentable. Even if it does look alright at the start, you may find you have to fix it up in 12 months time, costing you more money.

    Our paint services are carried out by qualified professionals. We cater to both indoor and outdoor needs, and use only quality products suitable for the environment they’re in. The following is a list of the more common work we do for our paint customers.

    Patching and Painting
    Fix your dents, scratches and holes!

    Re-plastering and Surface Rectifications
    Ensure that your surface is perfect prior to painting.

    Interior Home Painting
    This includes doors, window frames and sills, skirtings, walls, ceilings, and more. Mould resistant paints used in wet areas, and colour recommendation services available where needed.

    Exterior Home Painting
    This includes external walls, window frames and sills, deckings, fences, feature walls, and more.

    Commercial, Retail and Industrial Painting
    For all your business painting needs.

    So, contact us today with your home painting requirements. Whether you require some dents to be patched and painted, or you need to get your roof painted, we can do it!

    Helpful Hint #195

    Wall paints are not fillers! Whatever lumps, bumps, scratches and dents are on your surface before the paint goes on, they’ll still be there after. Some surfaces will only need to be filled and sanded back at certain areas to make the wall good, but others may need to be re-plastered. It might be a more expensive job but the finish will be much better. No painter can guarantee that you’ll be happy with a paint job that’s gone on to a surface in subpar condition!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most of the paints we use are low VOC and not toxic to humans in the low quantities associated with having a room painted. If proper ventilation is maintained during and after painting is complete, you should experience issues although there will be a fresh paint smell during this time. However if you suffer from any pre-existing breathing conditions please notify us immediately and we will discuss a proper course of action that suits you.

    Also note that these fumes are toxic to certain animals such as birds so you will need to ensure they’re not left in an enclosed freshly painted space with no ventilation.

    This really depends on how large your house is (how many rooms etc.) and whether we’re doing inside and outside, or just part of it.

    Yes we do!

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