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    Previously updated 11 March 2018

    All the provision of the privacy policy is applicable to the site and all the products and services that are offered through the site. We will always ensure the protection and privacy of your valuable data, and will not retrieve data or collect information that is not needed for our use and further processes.

    What data we collect and ask for?

    We ask for specific information that may be personal data for identification purpose. Such information is collected from the users in different ways, such as customer is asked for data while doing a survey, on visiting the site, or using the different features and services available on our site.

    When a user applies to register on our website, we may as you to give us your basic credentials such as your name, address, and phone number. If you do not feel like registering for our premium services you may visit our site anonymously as a non-registered user.

    What do we do with this information?
    When we collect information it is generally for the following purposes:

    We use the information to make our website better by taking in input directly from the users. To process the different types of transactions. When we collect your public or private information, we are the custodian of your data and we will not sell, exchange or give your details to any third party under no circumstances unless it is needed to deliver the required product and services and is in your knowledge.

    We use the information to create a personalize and customer-focused platform, to provide better support and services to the user.

    To send our user periodic offers and information on our product and services through email, surveys and different site options. We only send you email and information on topics and services you have shown interest in and have given us consent to give you updates.

    How do we safeguard your personal data?

    We have a comprehensive security structure to keep your private information protected and we make sure when you submit or access your personal information it remains protected against any breach by a third party.

    We have an encrypted and secure payment system in place. When you give us any sensitive information such as your credit information it does not go to our servers and is taken to our special department. All the data is encrypted using the highest security level protocol with special access rights only to the authorized users in the system and under no circumstances, there is any way the confidential information is compromised.

    When you complete the transaction, we do not store your private data such as your credit card details, financial information, and social security numbers. Unless you tell us specifically to store your data on our servers we will not store the information.

    Are we using cookies?

    Cookies are files that a website stores on the user hardware to keep track of certain information and preference of the web users who are a visitor of the website. The main objective is to keep a track on the user and remember information to recognize the users.

    We do use cookies to help us keep a reference on you and enable us to save your web browsing priorities so when the user visits the website again we can serve them with dedicated information.

    However, you have control over this activity as you can restrict your browser from accepting any cookies. If you turn off the cookies you may not have access to all of our functions.

    You will still be able to order items and ask for our services by directly reaching our customer services by calls or email.

    Do we give the information to any other parties?

    We will never sell, exchange, or move your information and personal data to outsiders. This does not include those third parties that are with us in contracts and agreements and are as reliable and secure as we are. We will only share information with trusted third parties to facilitate the operating of our site, or to conduct business with you. We will only release your information if it is given to a trusted party, is the requirement of the transactions, and is not in violation of any legal provisions. However, public information that is not of a confidential nature may be shared with other services for marketing and promotional activities.

    Australia Privacy Act 1988 Compliance

    We are in complete compliance with the 1988 privacy provisions. Therefore we are required to take your consent before sharing your private information with anyone. We have a full proof information security system that is in compliance with PCI vulnerability standards.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please visit and go through our Terms and Condition page to get a complete list of our terms along with disclaimers, and the liability in the use of our website.

    Your Agreement

    By visiting our site, you agree to our web site privacy provisions.

    The Changes in Privacy Provisions
    I there is any change in our privacy policy same will be posted on our page for our users to see.

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