Kitchen Renovations

It's time to build your dream kitchen.

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    Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen?

    The kitchen is such a rewarding and popular space to renovate. It both improves the value of your home, and it can make daily life so much easier and more enjoyable! This is especially true of older-styled homes that have peeling vinyl and laminates, or disintegrating cupboards throughout their dated kitchen. Luckily, kitchen renovations are a speciality of ours and we can help you turn your sad, old heap into an entertainers dream!

    Our kitchen renovation service is fully equipped with all of the certified trades that you need to get up and running. We have plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tilers and painters to ensure that all of your work is carried out by people who know what they’re doing. So, what sorts of kitchen renovation services can we provide?

    • Demolition and removal of existing kitchen, including all tiling, splashbacks, cupboards, fixtures (taps, sinks etc.) benches, tables, lighting, and anything else you want replaced
    • Re-tiling of floor and wall surfaces
    • Installation of beautiful glass splashbacks – these are easy to clean and look amazing
    • Building and installation of new cupboards and benches, including floating island benches
    • Plumbing and installation of new taps and sinks, including on your floating island bench
    • Moving of all of your heavy furniture and whitegoods into place
    • Electrical wiring for new lights and power points
    • Replastering and painting of walls and ceilings

    Our service also includes the design of your kitchen, to help with the workflow and best usage of space, if you don’t already have an idea of how you want everything to sit. All our renovations are done in full collaboration with you to help you get the absolute best out of what you have available. Space constraints, budget constraints, aesthetic choices and personal preference are all things that we’re happy to work with you on. What makes us happy, is seeing you happy with the end result and the process itself!

    So, if you’d like to discuss a kitchen renovation in more detail or need to ask us questions about the process, please feel free to contact us and we’ll book you in for an obligation-free consultation with our renovation specialist!

    Are you unsure about what sorts of things you’ll need for a kitchen renovation? Have a look at our article about kitchen renovation considerations!

    Helpful Hint #12768

    Cleaning up your kitchen after cooking, or having a gathering, is one of those things you just have to do, like it or not. To make life easier, consider using 'easy-to-clean' materials and designs. For example, a beautiful one-piece glass splashback will be far easier for cleaning than mosaic tile!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This depends on what work you’re doing to the kitchen. It could be a couple of weeks if there’s not much in it, but the more you add on to it, the more time it’ll take. A lot of this sort of work is custom, which also adds more time.

    We sure can. We can discuss what your budget is and what you’re ideally hoping to achieve with your kitchen renovation, and from there we can work out what is achievable and what we can do.

    Glass splashbacks aren’t really that expensive in the overall scheme of a kitchen renovation, and they do look amazing! They’re also easier to clean and it can help slow your kitchen from ‘ageing’ over time.

    It can be, but it really depends on the bench that you have. In some cases it’s far more trouble than it’s worth and can get costly. In these scenarios we do say that you might as well get a brand new island bench and do away with the old one.

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