Furniture Repairs and Restoration

Fixing the furniture you love.

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    Don't throw away those precious family heirlooms; restore them!

    Have you ever had a piece of timber furniture, maybe a table or a cabinet, that you inherited from your family and want to fix it up? Or maybe you found something beautiful from a second hand sale, but it needs a bit of restoration work done? At Universal Tradesman, we can help you repair and restore your timber furniture.

    Scratches, dents and broken fixings will be a thing of the past. These are all actually the easy parts of a furniture repair! We can also repaint or restain, and even rebuild some types of components that are damaged beyond repair. It’s a far better option than throwing out something with nostalgia attached to it. 

    Restoration work can be a bit tricky, especially in the case of heritage and old furniture. To make something look new again, but maintain its old feel is an art form. Most cases we can fix your furniture for you with no problems, but sometimes more discussion and negotiation is required in order to find a way to make you happy. It’s like a painting – there’s artistic license and style involved. 

    The types of furniture repairs and restoration that we can do includes the following:

    • Repainting, restaining and refinishing;
    • Fixing scratches, dents and holes;
    • Repairing broken legs or feet;
    • Repairing timber rot;
    • Replacing broken glass panels;
    • Replacing hinges and other broken or missing fixings;
    • And rebuilding collapsed chairs or tables.

    The type of repair and restoration work we do for furniture is largely for timber furniture but we can repair some other types of furniture too. If you have anything that needs repairing, please contact us and send us photos of the furniture. From there, we should be able to advise you on whether we can assist or not.

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    Restoration is an art form, and the more we know about the original condition of something, the better we can do. Bring us photos of the furniture in its prime to help us better understand your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depends on the age of the chair and how much degradation there is. Restoration is a bit of an art form so there’s no guarantee it’s going to be 100% the same. We also specialise in timber, so if it’s a cushion that’s damaged we may not be able to help.

    This depends. When we come to assess the damage, we should be able to tell you whether we’ll be able to do the works or not. Some jobs can be done onsite in a single sitting, but others will need to be taken away for repairs.

    Oh yes, we definitely restore doors. This is actually one of our specialities.

    Unfortunately no. You will need to seek out a leadlight company.

    Definitely. We’ve fixed concrete window sills and great success.

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