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Concrete scanning, sawing and removal, core drilling

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    Concrete Cutting In Melbourne

    More than just a company, our experts are friends who offer the best service around. We have solutions for all types of projects: large or small. Our emphasis is on speed, affordability, reliability. Whether on residential or commercial jobs, our Melbourne concrete cutting service provides industry leader standards of high-quality service and expertise.

    Our professional team of concrete cutters will select the most efficient and ideal method for your projects and budget. Want an expert opinion on concrete cutting in Melbourne? Call us today and we can help you with all of your needs!


    Concrete Cutting Services

    As the leading concrete cutting service provider in Melbourne, we can supply our customers with high quality services that will be both cost-effective and efficient.

    We have a wealth of experience when it comes to concrete cutting and can offer extensive related services such as core drilling, wall sawing, concrete scanning, concrete removal etc. Our team is equipped with the right tools and advanced equipment to perform the job.

    Concrete Scanning

    Concrete scanning is a process that allows us to find out the condition of concrete structures and determine how much they will last. It can be used on existing or future building projects, which use many different types of materials in their construction.

    When we scan these objects with X-rays, it reveals any cracks or other damage through an image showing where these are located inside the object itself. The process involves transmitting ultrasonic waves into the material to be scanned, followed by collecting them at different points on its surface.

    This technique has been shown capable in not only identifying areas prone to localized structural failures, but also predicting their likely behavior under load conditions, saving time where a physical inspection would otherwise have taken place.

    PT and Electrical Cables

    Post tension cables are used in concrete slabs to provide strength reducing the need for high volumes of steel. It’s for this reason that damage to post-tensioned cables needs to be eliminated, as they form a crucial part of maintaining suspended slab integrity and strength.

    Live electrical cables can cause serious injury to service personnel if drilled or cut through. If a cable is damaged, it may seem safe when first pierced but become live at a later stage causing severe injuries and even death.

    Cutting or drilling through these cables is both dangerous and damaging to the structural integrity of concrete structures. Doing so can cause injury and damaged equipment, as well as negatively affect a structure’s stability.

    Concrete scanning will determine if any PT wires have sustained excessive stress or become damaged. It will also help us avoid accidentally damaging any electrical cables which can be very dangerous.

    Concrete Core Drilling

    Universal Tradesman offers a full range of core drilling solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Our core drilling service includes the use of core drilling machines for maximum drill efficiency in every project.

    We are a veteran team of specialists who have an in-depth understanding of concrete work, which includes overseeing core drilling projects with unparallelled precision.

    Whether you need concrete cutting for domestic or commercial projects, we have the equipment and expertise needed to help make sure all goes smoothly by providing precision workmanship with an overarching timeline to get the job done right.

    Concrete Removal

    We offer full service solutions for concrete removal projects in Melbourne. We’ve got a team of specialists and the latest tools to make any job easy, no matter how big or small! From concrete removal services for your property to a complete demolition job, we can handle anything.

    Our company is equipped with the latest technology to remove concrete quickly and efficiently, including electric, petrol, or hydraulic driven hand saws that can cut through any size block of concrete in a matter of minutes without leaving behind hazardous materials like dust particles. Once we’ve completed our work on site, clean-up is done by bringing the debris away from your property with rubbish removal services so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty.

    Concrete Sawing

    For our sawing services, we use specialised, heavy duty industrial equipment such as the ring saw, hand saw, wire saw, diamond demolition saw blades etc. to cut concrete or steel according to your sawing and drilling needs.

    We use hand sawing for a thin concrete job, especially useful in tight spots. Our ring saws are used for cutting through thick girders, beams and reinforced concrete slabs.

    Many professionals in the construction industry use concrete slab sawing as an alternative to jack hammers or chisels, since it has less of an impact on surrounding structures than traditional methods.

    Wire Sawing

    When it comes to concrete cutting, wire sawing is one of the most popular methods. This technique starts by first inserting a diamond-impregnated cable of wire through or around an object and then pulling that same line out from its primary unit in order for tension to be applied across the surface being cut.

    The wire sawing method can cut through the virtually unlimited thickness of concrete with precise results. It is a cleaner and more efficient process than traditional methods for cutting structures that are thick or large in size. The endless loop system allows the machine to cut without stopping, which saves time and money on material costs as well as labour.

    The biggest advantage of using a wire sawing method for concrete cutting is that the slabs are cut into millimetre-sized pieces as opposed to the larger blocks or broken chunks from traditional methods of breaking concrete. This allows for specific sizing requirements and applications, like getting crushed materials to be used in construction projects that require precise measurements.

    If you’re looking for a concrete cutting service that can take your project from the initial idea into reality, including anything from custom-cut wall sections to elaborate features and designs, then contact Universal Tradesman today.

    Our team of experienced professionals will ensure your project is handled with care and precision. We guarantee that all work will be completed on time and within budget.

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    Have our expert concrete cutters take a look at the area and make recommendations before deciding on the concrete cutting services you'll need.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our services include concrete scanning, core drilling, wall sawing, concrete scanning and concrete removal among others. Please enquire if you have a particular service in mind and we will be able to provide more details.

    Our concrete cutters are able to perform concrete scanning and use equipment such as wire saws and diamond demolition saw blades.

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