Broken Window Panes

Because accidents do happen!

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    Have you got broken window panes at your home?

    At some point in your life, you’re probably going to experience broken window panes at your home. Whether it’s from a stray cricket ball, a lost bird, an accident while moving furniture, or just from a completely random occurrence, it’s going to happen eventually. But don’t worry, because we can help put new glass in for you.

    To replace broken window panes, we first need to clean up the area and remove any dangerous broken pieces of glass for you. We then measure up and have a custom piece of glass cut to fit the area, and install it. If you want any specific types of glass (safety glass, toughened glass, or even textured glass) we will need to know before this custom piece is cut for you.

    We can also do replacements to broken window panes in small aluminium frames, not just timber ones. However, if your window is a full floor-to-ceiling double glazed window, a specialist will need to be contacted instead.

    If you’ve got broken window panes at your home and need to get a repair happening quick, contact us now with photos of the window and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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    Helpful Hint #243

    Removing the shards of glass from broken window panes can be a dangerous task - it's very easy to cut yourself! Our recommendation is to clear away the fallen pieces and sweep/vacuum the area to ensure there are no small shards that can embed themselves in your food, then keep the broken window taped up behind cardboard, a bit of tarp, or another material that will prevent anyone from accidentally hurting themselves on it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We can order safety glass for you, yes. This will be more expensive than standard glass however.

    Yes, when we remove and replace broken window panes, we remove any dangerous broken shards of glass from the area.

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