Window Alteration and Removal

Completely change the aesthetics of your room

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    Are you looking to remove, resize or add a window?

    Window alteration and removal can be a great way to help restyle a room so it better suits your needs. You can make windows larger, to allow for more natural light and to enjoy more of your gardens. You could make a window smaller if it’s clashing with the way you have styled the room itself. Or you could remove the window altogether if it simply doesn’t make sense to have one there. There are plenty of options available no matter what you want to achieve with your window alteration.

    Making your window bigger

    A window alteration to make your window or windows bigger is a great way to let more natural light into a space. This sort of a change is popular in living areas facing the backyard or other private open space. When making your window bigger we will need to make sure that the section of wall we have to remove is suitable, and that no structural changes are required.

    Making your window smaller

    Getting a window alteration to make your window smaller is a little less common, but there are some great reasons to have this sort of work done. You may have part of a window in the way of a wall mounted bench, shelf or cabinet and the styling doesn’t suit having a window in that location. Or perhaps you’ve put in a bathtub in your bathroom and suddenly there’s an unwelcome view of the bather for all to see! You don’t want to completely remove the window, but you do need it smaller. The work itself is relatively easy, as we just need to remove the window and it’s frame, rebuild it to be smaller, then  rebuild the missing section of frame and wall, including painting it to match the surrounds.

    Removing a window

    Getting a window removal is a relatively easy process that involves taking out the existing window frame and panes, then rebuilding the frame and wall itself. Some people get this work done in order to have a properly blacked-out home cinema room, or in locations that don’t make sense to have a window in.

    So, if you’re thinking about a window alteration or window removal, contact us today with a photo of the window and we’ll see what we can do!

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    Helpful Hint #57321

    Make sure you know exactly what size you want to make your window alteration to. Plotting the dimensions out physically on your window or wall can help you to properly visualise this. Remember, once parts are ordered and work has been done, it's expensive to change your mind!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We definitely can make your bathroom window smaller, though we would have to purchase a new aluminium window set for you in the new size. It would not be a direct modification to the one you have now. On the other hand, if visibility is the only problem there are always other solutions that don’t limit the amount of natural light you get. For example, window frosting or obscuring glass.

    Yes, we can do this. The existing windows can be removed, then the cavity can be converted into a doorway. Now, in some cases additional reinforcement of the framework will be required, because you’re likely going to be taking out part of the wall too in order to create a cavity suitable for a door.

    It’s true that in many older homes you see a window in every bathroom but that’s not necessarily true in new home builds. Many homes don’t have windows in their bathrooms (like apartments, or homes with bathrooms that don’t sit along the edge of the house, or even just bathrooms with specific styling) and these bathrooms still look amazing. You just need to make sure that you allow for adequate ventilation with an extraction fan, and have enough lighting.

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