Fences and Decks

An integral part of an Aussie yard!

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    Do you have a fence or deck that needs some work?

    Fences and decks are a major part of any property, and here at Universal Tradesman, we deal with these on a weekly basis. We’re happy to do everything from repairs and rebuilds, to tearing down old fences or decks. We also can build brand new fences or decks for you, either as a standalone service or as part of a yard or home makeover!

    Fence Works

    There are many issues that can affect your fence, whether it is located on a property boundary or simply separates the different areas of your home. Leaning fences might seem like a minor issue at first, but sometimes there are unseen forces at play which are causing greater issues. Rotten fence posts, underground root systems, improper drainage and a myriad of other problems could be making your fence structurally unsound.

    Our team can conduct a site assessment to gauge what the best solution for your fence problem is, or advise on different options. Our fence solutions include the following:

    Fence Staining & Painting
    Painting and staining of existing or new fences and gates is a fantastic way to make them look brand new, or breathe life into old fences.

    Learn more about our Fence Staining & Painting services >

    Fence & Gate Repairs
    This includes removal and replacement of rotten or otherwise unsound fences (either full lengths or just affected sections), replacement of structural fence posts, straightening of leaning fences, repairs to non-functioning or damaged gates, and other types of fence repairs.

    Learn more about our Fence & Gate Repairs services >

    Fence & Gate Building
    Building of brand new fences and gates. This includes boundary fences, dividing fences and dates, fenced-off areas and more to give your property a proper boundary, and separate the sections of your yard! It’s also great for hiding ugly bins.

    Learn more about our Fence & Gate Building services >

    We are also happy to work with multiple parties where boundary fences require payment from separate entities / property owners.

    Decking Works

    It’s so easy to forget about maintaining your deck! Over time, they start to look shabby and old as the timber ages and degrades, and eventually they need to be repaired. We offer various services to bring new life to your deck, to add to your existing deck, or even to build you a brand new one! The following is a list of some of our deck repairs and deck services.

    Deck Restaining and Oiling
    Looking to restain or oil your deck as part of your regular deck maintenance, or simply want to refresh the way it looks? Deck restaining and oiling is a great way to do this, and it’ll help prolong the lifespan of your deck.

    Learn more about our Deck Restaining services >

    Deck Repairs
    Replacement of timber boards and beams, refixing of loose boards or raised nails, and general deck repairs. These are necessary repairs that keep your deck usable.

    Learn more about our Deck Repairs services >

    Deck Building
    Do you have a section of open yard space that you aren’t utilising properly? Having a deck built might just be the way to go!

    Learn more about our Deck Building services >

    Deck Add-ons
    Is your deck elevated from the main ground level? You may need to consider adding a railing, and some stairs to reach the ground.

    Learn more about our Deck Add-ons >

    Deck Removals
    Are you landscaping your yard and need to get your old deck demolished and removed?

    Learn more about our Deck Removals >

    If you need any work related to decks or fences done at your property, contact us today!

    Helpful Hint #276

    When planting new trees in your garden, always consider the proximity of the tree to things like your fence line or anything located underground. It might seem like a small tree now, but eventually its root system is going to extend much further. This can adversely affect the structural integrity of things like walls and fences in the future, especially when talking about large trees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may have alignment issues which are causing your gate hinges or locking mechanism to stop functioning properly. Straightening your fence may fix this, however it’s best to inspect this to see first hand what the cause is.

    We can replace damaged sections of fence, including the posts. Depending on the age of the existing sections, it may be fairly noticeable. If the fence is bordering on a neighbouring property, the costs can be split between you and your neighbour if cost is an issue.

    We sure can. We can look at repairing stairs as one of our standard deck services.

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