Outdoor Maintenance

Keeping your yards as beautiful as your home!

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    Are your bushes overgrown?

    The Universal Tradesman’s maintenance services are not just limited to indoor work. We also perform a full range of outdoor maintenance services to help keep the exterior of your property in just as good condition as the interior!

    These services are great for property resale value, and for keeping up regular maintenance on wear and tear. Of course they also keep your backyard looking great for those BBQs and outdoor parties! Don’t have time to take care of that overgrowth and green waste littering your lawns? Leave it to us!

    Our outdoor maintenance services include the following:

    We offer many other maintenance services, so just give us a call or send us a request online and we will advise you on what we can do to assist.


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    Chip away at your garden maintenance a little bit at a time. It might not seem to make much of a difference at first, but with consistent effort, you’ll get to a point where you’re staying on top of your garden’s general growth. Plus, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and you might find that you have a bit of a green thumb!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes we can! We can wear appropriate protective gear to remove this without concern. However, please be aware that if you have significant plant growth on your fences, there’s every possibility that the plants will have completely ruined the structural integrity of the fence itself. We’ve come across fences that were pretty much held up by the plants alone!

    Sure thing, we can help you stain your deck. If it needs any repairs before the staining is done, we can also organise that.

    Definitely – that won’t be a problem for our renovation team. We just need to have a discussion about what sort of water feature and pond you were thinking of!

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