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    Everyday in our homes we rely on our waterproofing holding up, and most of us forget it’s even there! Right now, you probably have at least 3 areas in your home with waterproofing in it without even knowing it. If waterproofing is not done correctly the first time, the damage bills and repair costs you could be facing in the future are extremely high. And lets face it, Melbourne is known for it’s four seasons in one day, so you can almost always guarantee there will always be water nearby!

    As a builder or even as a homeowner, there are a variety of times when you may need to get waterproofing done. This can include:

    • New home builds
    • Home renovations
    • Home extensions
    • Repairs to leaking showers or leaking balconies

    It can be tricky coordinating all of the trades to do any of these kinds of works, which is why we can offer our renovation or our repair and maintenance services alongside our Melbourne based waterproofing services. This helps us maintain control over each step of the process and make sure the flow of work is maintained. Hello, peace of mind! Of course, if you already have trades booked for other works, we are happy to work alongside them. 

    Our team is fully certified and family-owned, and we can help you out with a range of waterproofing needs. We perform both internal waterproofing and external waterproofing works, and are certified with Ardex products. All of the works we do meet Australian Standards, and we offer additional options or upgrades for high-end or luxury builds where the absolute best in quality and longevity is a necessity.

    Do you have a specific waterproofing enquiry, or just want to learn more? 

    Make a selection from the following:

    Internal waterproofing ->

    From bathrooms and showers in residential builds, to toilet blocks in commercial builds, we do it all. In our internal waterproofing section, we explore the options and various requirements under the Building Code.

    External waterproofing ->

    From balconies to retaining walls, we explore what you need to waterproof on the exterior of your property. There’s different options available here, so it comes down to budget.

    Leak detection ->

    Is there excess moisture or water pooling / leaking around your property? Our leak detection service will pinpoint precisely what is causing the issue, so you can get the right thing fixed.

    Waterproofing repairs ->

    Are you concerned about excess moisture leaking through your shower into your other rooms, or perhaps water is pooling on your balcony and leaking to an apartment beneath yours? We’re here to help fix your waterproofing woes!

    For everything else, contact us today and speak to one of our waterproofing specialists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we can work around other trades but we will need to ensure that the other trades are aware of our requirements. It’s all too common for a careless tradesperson to damage a waterproofing membrane, try to hide the problem, then blame the waterproofers after.

    This all depends on where the leak is coming from. Not all leaks mean your waterproofing needs to be redone! It could be a plumbing issue, or cracked tiles. It would be best to use our leak detection service to find out where it’s coming from first.

    Waterproofing membranes are the  last line of defence against all things water damage, for example, rot, house framing damage and even mould. A small hole in your membrane could see slow long term damage spread from the central point, and within a year, you will likely have a substancial amount of water damage visible from other rooms.

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