Routine Repairs and Maintenance

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    Routine Repairs and Maintenance

    If you’re a property manager looking after rental properties around Victoria, you’re likely familiar with the routine repairs and maintenance requested by tenants on a daily basis. Ranging from general wear and tear to accidental damage, drunken mishaps and extreme weather damage, we can help you out with all of it.

    Our routine property repairs and maintenance services cover everything from patching and painting, to rebuilding a shower that’s leaking into adjoining rooms. Using staff from our various trade divisions, we can offer a full-package service for almost any scenario.

    We’re all about building relationships with our real estate customers. One-off jobs are great, but we like coming in to your office, speaking to your property managers, and negotiating service terms that suit you. We’re happy to operate with work orders for quotes and jobs, and can also negotiate do-and-charge based on hourly rate or within a set budget.

    Routine repairs and maintenance for rental properties can include things like:

    • patching and painting of walls;
    • upkeep of tap hardware and washers;
    • repair or replacement of broken fixtures and fittings;
    • maintenance to prolong the lifespan of items that will naturally degrade over time, ie. timber decks, window sills, cupboards and doors and more;
    • resealing and regrouting of showers and shower tiles.

    To learn more about the various services that we offer within our maintenance division, simply make a selection from the ‘Maintenance’ dropdown menu at the top of this page.

    Otherwise, if you would like to learn more about our real estate property services, contact us today to arrange a meeting or to request a quote.

    Helpful Hint #2364

    When getting routine repairs and maintenance done on a rental property, always include photographs of the area in need of works. Many routine jobs can be quoted off photos, which means a faster price and less interruption for your tenants.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we’re happy to liaise with your tenants and can work around their availability and schedules. Simply provide us with their contact details.

    Definitely. We’re happy to arrange do-and-charge jobs for Real Estate property managers on and agreed hourly rate.

    We’re happy to organise after-hours or weekend works with your tenant if it suits their schedules. Otherwise, we can liaise with them and find out if they’re happy for us to meet with one of your property managers on site, or simply pick up a key from your office.

    Yes we do – depending on the type of seal you’re referring to, we can either fit a new rubber/plastic seal to stop water flow, or a leak can be siliconed up. There’s a wide range of colours available, so it won’t even be noticeable.

    Don’t worry – all of our staff are incredibly friendly and patient, and treat all customers with respect. You won’t have any complaints from your tenants about a rude tradesman from us! We have zero tolerance for that sort of thing.

    We are stringent in our response policy – if you don’t hear back from us within a day it’s possible the email hasn’t gotten through to us. Just follow up and we’ll respond!

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