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    Love your location, but don't love your home?

    Demolishing and rebuilding a home is a long and exhausting process. You also end up without usable accommodation for months on end. It’s incredibly expensive! You find yourself paying for the home you’re demolishing, rent on a place to stay temporarily, and also the cost of the new home build! It’s a triple whammy. So, if you’ve already got home with a good frame and structure, why would you waste it?

    Renovating your home is a great alternative. You can stage it to do specific rooms at a time, so that you still have somewhere to stay while works are taking place, eliminating the need to pay rent elsewhere. It’s also a faster process since the structure is already there. The beauty of full home renovations is that you can do so much within your existing structure, that the end result can be completely unrecognisable from what you started with.

    Full home renovations don’t necessarily have to mean renovating every single part of your home. You might really like your bedrooms, or your kitchen, and want to keep those. It’s really up to you what you want to do with your own home. You can simply select the areas that you want to renovate, and do just that. Or you could do a bit now, and a bit later. There’s almost no limit on what you could do.

    To help you get started thinking about your full home renovation, here are some of the common areas of the home that people renovate or change. Any combination of these things could form a great basis for your renovation.

    Bathroom Renovations

    Redoing your bathroom is a good way to almost instantly make your home more appealing and far more liveable. Humans spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom, and if you think about it, it’s true. You get ready, shower, go to the toilet, and sometimes just escape for a bit of peace and quiet. Having a beautiful, clean, modern bathroom is important!

    Kitchen Renovations

    This is another area that is popular to renovate. As the showpiece of your home, you should be able to feel proud of your kitchen, and there’s so much you can do with it!

    Front Facade

    If you want your home to look brand new, doing up the front facade is a good way to start. Refreshing your roof and brickwork and even rendering can bring a completely different look to your home.

    Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

    Adding an entertaining area to your back yard, building a new path and front landing, or even just landscaping your gardens, can all add value and livability to your home.


    Repainting your home is a great idea, especially for older style homes that have dated colour schemes, or faded paint. Both internal and external painting can help bring your home to life.

    Garage Renovations

    Renovating your garage is something a lot of people don’t actually consider. You can get a lot of utility out of your garage if you fix it up, with storage space or a workshop, or even convert part of it into an office or studio!


    If your current fences are non-existent or inadequate, now is a great time to build or fix one. It’s a good idea for privacy purposes, and also to help keep pets in.

    Extra Windows

    Adding additional windows in to help bring more natural light in is a great idea when you’re renovating. A lot of older style homes don’t have a lot of natural light, and extra windows will help with that.

    Room Conversions

    Have you ever felt that the layout of your home just isn’t quite right? Maybe one of the rooms is taking up more space than it really needs to. We can assist you with converting rooms into other rooms or into usable living room space!

    Floorboards and Tiling

    Ripping up your threadbare carpet could be one of the best choices you make! Floorboards or fresh tiling in your wet areas can add huge amounts of appeal to your home, and it’s so much easier to clean.

    Stairs and Balustrades

    Fixing up your old-styled stairs can make a house look so much more modern. You don’t even need to completely rebuilt them – they just need a bit of a makeover! Reshaping and repainting them and adding a new balustrade is more than enough to make them look brand new.

    So, have any of these ideas got the creative juices flowing for you? Contact us if you want to discuss ideas and take a look at what sorts of possibilities there are for your home renovation.

    Helpful Hint #837

    Are you considering renovating your home? Have you considered where you're going to be living during the works? If it's not financially practical for you to be renting a place while the home renovation is taking place, think about whether it would be possible for you to stage your renovation in parts or sections of the home, so that you still have some space to live in while works are going on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In most cases, this should be fine. We just need to coordinate with you so that we know precisely what areas you need access to so that we can keep walkways clear and safe for your use. If your home is multilevel, it’s much easier if the renovation can be staged on one level while occupants live in another.

    We can work with you to pick the best of tiles and flooring, but you’ll need to purchase these separately yourself. We can pick them up when they’re ready, and then install them. It works out to be more cost effective and transparent for you. It also means that you’re not locked in to using specific products or product ranges, as you can pick out anything that you like from any store.

    Yes, all work will be certified upon completion. Once final payment is made, we will hand over everything including the warranties and certificates.

    Before the job starts, we create a scope of works with you, and a signed agreement that this scope is correct. Changes can be made to the work that you want done after the agreement has been signed, but there may be costs involved as materials may have already been purchased for the work, and labour may have gone in to it already. A new scope and agreement will need to be drawn up for the changes.

    Renovations are expensive things, and we don’t recommend it because of how much interest you’re going to be paying! However, if you are set on paying by credit card, we can accept this but there may be a surcharge involved.

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