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We're taking out the trash!

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    Do you have junk that's just piling up?

    No one likes living in a cluttered, messy house, but sometimes it’s easy to just forget about the things that are piling up. Eventually it all becomes a bit much, and you find yourself doing a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Or maybe you’re moving out into another rental property and just have to unload some of your old junk. We can help you out with this!

    All you have to do is compile everything that you need removed and disposed of, or point out large items that you are unable to move yourself. Our team will remove everything you no longer want, and take it to the tip for you. Just be aware that we will not be going through your rubbish, so please do make sure that you really don’t want to keep any of the trash before putting it out for us!

    Acceptable rubbish includes any household goods, mattresses, furniture, electronics, building materials, garden waste, and other household rubbish that you may need disposed of. No chemicals (dangerous or otherwise), needles or drug paraphernalia, or industrial waste will be accepted, and if any such restricted item is found inside the selected rubbish, there will be additional charges to ensure it’s safe disposal.

    Our rubbish removal service can be bundled together with any of the other services that we offer to ensure you have a comprehensive package from start to finish of any repair, renovation or maintenance job. When quoting for such a job that would involve the demolition or removal and disposal of items from your property, a disposal cost will be included. If you wish not to have the disposal included and want to dispose of waste materials yourself, this can also be arranged.

    These services are especially useful at end of lease if you’re renting, and can be combined with our end of lease assistance services.

    So, why wait? Contact us now, and let’s clear out some of that old trash for you!

    Helpful Hint #28

    If you're doing a spring clean-out, go through your old items and see if anything is worth donating to charity instead of throwing out. Every year unimaginable quantities of quality useable goods end up in landfill when they could be reused by someone needy. But just remember, if it actually is junk then it belongs in the bin and not in a donation bag for some other poor person to have to sort and throw away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We sure can – we can take everything away in a truck or trailer and have it dumped at the tip for you.

    If we need to bring additional staff to help carry heavy items, this is fine. We also have trolleys and dollies to help us with loading.

    Sorry, but once it’s trashed it’s gone for good. Please make sure you double check everything before you throw it out. Go through all of your drawers in any desk or cabinet you throw out, because we won’t be able to salvage that 200 year old heirloom you lost once it’s at the tip!

    It’s relatively safe to say that if your local tip won’t take your rubbish, we won’t. If anything requires a special disposal technique or method, we’ll either need to bring it back to you or there will be additional charges associated with getting safe disposal.

    If you’re looking to throw these things away anyway, we suggest donating any of the good / useable items to charity.

    It might seem like the rubbish just disappears, but for us there’s a good amount of work involved in having to move everything out of your home and into a truck or trailer, then disposing of it at the tip. With large disposal projects it can take more than a day. When there’s heavy items to move that need more than 1 person, the labour cost starts to add up, and we do need to make sure our staff are all still paid for the work they do!

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