Window Frame Painting

Giving your old frames a bit of new life

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    Are your window frames starting to show their age?

    Painting your window frames is a wonderfully low impact way to improve how your home looks. It’s an opportunity to add a highlight colour to your facade, and as one of the objects which tends to deteriorate first, it’s a chance to make it look new again.

    Window frame painting can be done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re renovating and looking to change your colour scheme. Maybe the timber has rotten and you need to repair it, then paint everything so it all looks brand new. Or maybe you’re just looking to maintain the timber so that it stays properly sealed, and doesn’t begin to rot away. These are all valid reasons to have window frame painting done.

    We can colour match to other parts of your home (or other window frames if we’re not repainting all of them), and if you’ve got paint ready to go then that makes it even faster! We may also need to conduct repairs to the timber itself prior to beginning painting. If the timber is starting to rot, and has cracks or is splitting, there’s no point just painting over this. It will look terrible, and any existing deterioration will simply continue despite the new paint. Paint isn’t a filler, so whatever is wrong with the main substrate now will still be visible after painting is done too.

    Our window frame painting works cover both internal and external areas of the timber as necessary by the style of the frame.

    If you have window frames that need to be painted at your home, contact us today with photos of the frames! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    Helpful Hint #354

    Keep a record of your window frame paint colour, or even the old can. If you ever need to repaint one of your frames or touch it up in any way, that spare paint (or record of the colour) will make it a lot easier for you in the future!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some window frames will need to be repaired before we can successfully paint them, otherwise they’ll continue to deteriorate and no amount of paint will make that look good.

    Definitely! We won’t just paint straight over the top of your existing paint job; that’s just poor workmanship. We will sand back the timber first and bring it to an acceptable surface for painting prior to any work.

    We can take a sample of the colour and match it, yes. This won’t be a problem.

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