Weatherboard Repairs

Repairs, replacements, and painting!

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    Is your weatherboard home in need of some love?

    Weatherboards homes are so traditionally Australian; it’s hard to walk down the street in any older suburb and not see examples of these timber beauties everywhere. But so many of them look old and run down, with damaged boards all over them. The fact is it’s actually relatively inexpensive to get weatherboard repairs and weatherboard painting done. Also, the sooner you address any repair issues, the cheaper the bill because you’ll be staving off greater damage that would result in more expensive repair works.

    Weatherboards are timber, and they can eventually fall victim to the usual problems that plague timber. Dry rot, wet rot, swelling, warping, paint flaking and more are all potential problems that your weatherboards may face. Even though weatherboards are primed and treated to ensure a long lasting lifespan, over time and with full exposure to Australian conditions the timber will still degrade.

    The weatherboard services that we offer include:

    Weatherboard Painting

    By sanding back, treating and painting your weatherboards, you can make old weatherboards look new again. This service is relatively inexpensive and can completely change the appearance of your home.

    Hole and Crack Patching and Repairs

    If you’ve got holes and cracks caused by the removal of objects that were previously fixed to your weatherboards, we can repair and repaint these for you. Don’t leave it for too long, because the raw timber is an access point for moisture or fungal rot to set in, so you’ll want it filled quickly.

    If the cracks are particularly long or bad, we can simply cut that section of weatherboard out, and replace it with a brand new one, fully sealed and treated on all edges (including the back and the cut edges) to ensure the best lifespan possible.

    Weatherboard Rot Repairs

    Do you have dry or wet rot that has set in to your weatherboards? We can remove sections of weatherboard and install new pieces. All cuts in the weatherboards will be properly treated, and gaps will be filled with a weatherboard exterior gap filler to protect you from future problems.

    So if you would like to take advantage of our weatherboard repairs services, contact us today to book a $100 callout fee. Remember, supplying photos of the issue will help us process your enquiry more quickly.

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    Weatherboards can look beautiful, fresh and even quite modern if properly maintained and painted in neutral colour with nice trending highlights. Painting isn't expensive, but it does bring a house back to life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we can work with these great timber alternatives.

    It really does depend on the cause of the damage to the timber, and how severe it is. If your cracks are caused by dry rot and there’s too much rot to salvage your timber, we don’t have much choice except to replace the boards. If it was an accidental one-off cause, then we may be able to patch and seal the damaged area, and repaint.

    Definitely – we’d be happy to talk to you about fibre cement weatherboard alternatives. These are designed to perfectly mimic the look of weatherboards without the hassle of the upkeep of timber. They’re more robust and hardy and look fantastic too.

    You can find more information about these timber alternatives from the manufacturer, James Hardie.

    Over time, timber will deteriorate, that’s a fact of life. However, the replacement boards will all be fully treated and primed including along the cut edge, and all joins will be sealed with an external weatherboard gap filler to ensure this lasts for as long as possible. As long as they’re kept in good condition and properly maintained, these  new boards will be fine.

    No, we can actually cut out the affected sections, treat the cuts, and fill the removed sections with new weatherboards.

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