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Rebuilding and Repairing Rot Damage

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    Rotten windows are a much more common problem than a lot of people realise. It’s only natural that timber that has been exposed to external weather conditions will eventually deteriorate and end up rotting. Exposure to direct sunlight, expansion and contraction of the timber, and eventual paint and timber cracking cause moisture to enter and rot the wooden window frame. We see this a lot in older homes that simply haven’t had any maintenance to keep the timber well sealed and the wood rot at bay.

    As with rotten timber door repairs, the type of repair work needed to fix your rotten window depends on the current level of damage. It may even surprise you how extensive repairs can actually get before a replacement is required. The repair of door frames, window sash timber rot, window sills and the replacing of draft seals and glass in both single and double glazing is all part of our service too.

    In order to best fix a rotten window, we must first remove all traces of the rot. This can look excessive, but if we don’t remove it all, you’re going to see recurrences of rot in the future. Depending on how much rot is removed, we will then either replace sections of the timber window frame, or rebuild it, including scarf joints and structural support. Any gaps will be filled and sanded back, then the entire wooden window frame will be painted. The end result looks like a brand new frame, without having to pay for an entirely new frame.

    If the rot is also so severe that parts of the window hardware have fallen off and vanished or been damaged, we can supply and install new hardware to suit your newly repaired frame. This includes sash cords, spring balances, sash windows (single or double glazing), and draft seals. Draft seal replacement is often done to ensure the sealing of gaps for noise, wind draft and energy efficiency purposes.

    These services can be applied to timber rotten windows of any size or design. Whether your wooden windows’ frame has cross bars or not does not affect our ability to repair it. We also service windows on multi-storey homes, as long as we can safely get access to the location.

    You likely found us on a search for ‘rotten windows Melbourne’ or something similar because we are the cities most experience and professional wooden window rot repair team. If you have a rotten window and would like us to look at it, please send us photos of it via our contact form and request a quote from our customer service team today!

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    Being able to accurately describe which timber is rotten and needs window frame repairs will be helpful when getting it fixed.

    Helpful Hint

    It's easy to forget that timber window frames can be affected by the weather. With prolonged direct sunlight, expansion and contraction of the wood, and cracking in the paint, moisture can eventually make its way in. Keeping your timber windows maintained and sealed can prolong the lifespan. Plus, they'll look new and fresh for longer too. Keep an eye on the your frames especially around the bottom edges and along the window sill, and touch up the paint if it starts cracking or peeling to keep water out. A little bit of short term maintenance will keep your windows from rotting costing you a lot more in for a full sash replacement down the track.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Very rarely. We can usually work around the glass with no problems, even when doing sash replacement. If you already have a chipped, cracked or broken window pane, we can replace it for a fee.

    Yes. We can fix this in the same way we can fix the main window itself.

    Just make sure you look after any timber in the future. Keep them sealed and freshen the paintwork to avoid the timber splitting. Keep an eye on cracks in paint or water pooling around the window sill, and if you see a problem, get it checked sooner rather than later!

    Rotten timber can be caused by excess moisture buildup in the timber itself, and this can also cause fungal rot as well. We’d need to inspect the rot in order to determine it’s cause. For more information on the types of rot.

    We sure can. We have carpenters in our team, and we can build you a brand new window frame if that’s what you prefer. We can do full sash replacement or any specific window renovations to your liking.

    Depending on the level of damage and rot, repairing or rebuilding a rotten timber window frame usually takes a few hours. If the damage is from fungal rot and the timber needs a protective anti fungal rot coating applied, it will take a few days as this will need time to cure prior to painting.

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