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    Having to go to VCAT can be an annoyance for all parties involved. We understand that. It’s an incredibly frustrating process that unfortunately sometimes just needs to happen. We’re not here to judge what went wrong; all we want to do is make things easier for you moving forward.

    VCAT orders are quite frequently required within a short timeframe, and usually involve dealing with an irate tenant. As seasoned professionals, we’re quite used to calming the situation and getting about the job at hand with minimal fuss. This shortened timeframe also means that there isn’t always time to quote a job first, get approval, then complete the works. In such scenarios, the pre-agreed hourly rate and works estimate can be utilised to ensure the landlord is aware of involved costs.

    At the end of the day, you want to keep your landlord happy, but also want to satisfy the tenant’s needs. With our VCAT repairs we provide services that will look after the needs of both. Contact us today to book in a VCAT repair or to organise a meeting to learn more about how we can best service your needs.

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    The sooner you can get on top of a VCAT order, the better. When sending us a work order for a VCAT order, provide us with as many photos of the required works as possible plus the due date to give us the best chance of making the tenants happy in the set timeframe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ll do our best to service your timeframe and as this is a VCAT order, we will let you know at time of booking whether we have staff available for the works. In most cases, we will make it work, but do keep in mind that we also need to work around your tenant’s schedule too.

    In the cases of extremely rude or angry tenants, we have members of our team who are not easily intimidated and are quite good at diffusing a situation. However if we feel that the safety of our team members is ever compromised, we will unfortunately need to produce a full report and withdraw from site to protect our team.

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