Garage Renovations

Make better use of your garage space!

Is it time you fixed up your garage?

Are you underutilizing your garage, or is it just plain old, dark, and spider-infested? It might be time to consider a garage conversion so that you can make better use of all that space! Just think about it. With an excellent garage conversion, you could:

  1. Clear up the storage clutter;
  2. Make way for a new office, workshop, or studio;
  3. And utilize your wasted space properly and even increase the property value.

Garage conversions are usually not all that complicated or involved, and minimal trades are required. To get you started, here are some of the essential tips for you.


Garage Conversions: Things to Be Considered

Proper Lighting

For many of us, lighting is an afterthought. Various big things and excitements make us forget that attention to tiny details makes the whole thing work, and perfect lighting does the same. Each room fulfills multiple purposes, and you should do lighting accordingly.

Are you converting your garage into a living room or home office? A combination of bright and dimmed lights will be practical and aesthetic. Cozy and warm lightings are perfect for a bedroom.

Regardless of the type of room, we’d suggest keeping at least one large enough (around 10% of the floor area) clutter-free window to let the sunshine in.


Modifying Garage Doors

Want to add your garage to your living space? It would be best if you gave the room its own door for convenient access and ensuring efficiency. A garage door doesn’t need complete transformation if you plan to convert the garage into a home gym, playroom, or storeroom. A bit of polishing, coloring, or upgrading will be enough.

In case you convert the garage into a room, like a bedroom, kitchen, or home office, you shall convert the garage door accordingly. Garage conversion specialists can help you come up with excellent garage door ideas.

Quick Tip: Some garages are long and narrow, which is not aesthetically perfect for converting the garage into a room. Consider building a block wall or stud and transform it into two rooms.


Indoor Temperature

Maintaining a consistent room temperature is essential for both comfort and health. Proper climate control and temperature control system can clean up foul odors, living organisms, and other pollutants.

Due to the oceanic climate, Melbourne experiences changeable weather conditions. We’d suggest ensuring as much natural airflow as possible during the hot summer season. Keeping at least one window and two vents can serve the purpose perfectly. You can also use filters to purify the air inflow.

Consider using innovative technologies, like smart air conditioners, to make life a lot easier by pre-cooling and pre-heating the room as per your preferences. They are much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly too.

Proper insulation can preserve the room temperature for a more extended period.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to maintain the tools regularly to enjoy optimal air quality and comfort

Electrical Wirings and Plumbing Lines

Converting a garage into other rooms, like the living room, bedroom or kitchen, etc., will increase electricity consumption. Proper wiring and outlet placement are necessary to maintain aesthetics and optimal security.

Suppose you are converting your garage into a kitchen or bathroom. In that case, proper plumbing is necessary to ensure water flow and drainage. Consider hiring a professional plumber to handover much hassle.

Unless you are a professional electrician, we’d never suggest DIY electrical works. Let the experts do the project perfectly.

Re-decorating the Walls and Ceilings

Usually, garage walls and ceilings are not built following BCA standards. That’s why they are prone to moisture and have insufficient insulation power. Improve the wall and ceiling construction by adding insulation and painting them with waterproof colors. Based on the purpose of garage conversion, the color and design patterns of the walls and ceilings can vary a lot. Wall decorations are also great for hiding minor mistakes and wires.

Quick Tip: Garage floors are usually lower than your home floor. Don’t want to use stairs? Consider raising the floor level during the floor plan, and don’t forget to ensure enough ceiling height.

Getting Permissions

You should inform your local council before converting the garage into a habitable place. Get council approval is not that hard as long as you fulfill the requirements, like 2.5 meters of minimum ceiling height, waterproof and insulated concrete slab and walls, windows covering 10% of the floor area.

Moreover, while converting the garage into a room, you will have to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to ensure maximum safety and avoid any problems while selling the property in the future.

Garage Conversion Ideas:
Popular Trends

You can convert your home garage into different types of rooms. Here are some of the garage conversion ideas our clients request frequently:
• Complete home renovations and expanding the home space using the garage space
• Convert garage into the kitchen diner
• Make your own home office, gym, or secret man cave
• A garage can become your home theatre
• Playroom for kids
• Safe granny flat or an attached bedroom
• Love reading? How about converting the garage into a library?
Whatever you plan to do with your garage, consulting with garage conversion specialists can make the process lot unique, efficient, and effortless.

Quick Tip:
Before converting your garage to something else, manage a parking place for your car.

Recent Projects

My garage is an absolutely mess. Can you work round all this?

We can help you move things out of your garage so that we can work properly within the space, but whether we can ‘work around’ mess will depend on what we’re doing to your garage. We do highly recommend that you de-clutter your garage before we begin works, but if you have a lot of trash there that you want to get rid of, we can assist with the disposal.

We need more lights. Can you do it?

Yes we can! Having adequate lighting in your garage is something that older properties don’t tend to have. We’d be happy to put more lights in for you, and this can be really helpful if you’re using your garage for storage space too.

Can I do my own garage conversions?

A garage conversion is the complete renovation of your garage space. If you have specific skill sets, you can do some tasks by yourself. Before doing anything on your own, you have to apply for an owner-builder license.However, it’s always highly recommended to hire professionals to conduct sensitive tasks, like wiring and plumbing. It’d be best if you hire garage conversion services to share your ideas and requirements so that they can make your dream come true without any unnecessary hassle.
Do you have a double garage that you're just not using? Consider dividing the space! During your renovation, we can put additional walls, lighting and insulation in to convert your double garage into a single garage plus work space or studio! It's a great way to utilise unused space without completing removing your garage (something you'll want to keep for resale value, even if you aren't using it now).

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