Repairs and Maintenance

Fixings up those odd jobs around the home!

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    Do you have some bits and pieces that need attending to?

    There’s many reasons why you might need general repairs and maintenance on your property. Accidents happen, things get bumped and scratched and dropped, and no property is ever free from general wear and tear no matter how well you look after it. That’s why this service is our ‘bread and butter’, and we’re very good at it.

    Around your house, there are hundreds of things that can deteriorate over time and with daily use. They tend to be things we don’t even think about, because they just melt into the background of our lives. Once they break down and stop working, or develop problems, that’s when we notice them. Sometimes preventative maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of things before they break and need to be repaired, but it can be difficult to see these little things until they become a real problem.

    The root cause of an issue is another thing that very often isn’t obvious. If it isn’t addressed, we can do all the temporary or aesthetic fixes in the world, but the problem is just going to come back later. When the cause of a problem is discovered, the repair tends to be costlier at first, but in the long run you’ll find that it saves you a lot more money.

    Our handymen can perform a wide range of repair and maintenance work around your house. We’ll list some of the more common problems that you may encounter, but if your problem isn’t in the list just contact us! Chances are we’re more than capable of providing a solution.

    • Patch and painting dents, holes and scrapes in walls (we can also re-plaster major wall damage where needed)
    • Repairing or replacing taps or door hardware
    • Correcting door alignment (including garage doors, hinged doors, or sliding doors)
    • Replacing full doors (including hardware)
    • Fixing leaking shower screens
    • Removing mould build-up (although we do recommend addressing the cause of mould, as this usually shouldn’t occur unless there’s a cause for the excess moisture)
    • Replacing broken and damaged tiles
    • Replacing light globes (even in hard-to-reach places)
    • Fixing leaking taps, pipes and improperly sealed wet areas
    • Fly screen repairs or replacement
    • Skirting board replacement
    • Installation of blinds or curtains

    Helpful Hint #907

    Address your repairs works early, while they’re still only a ‘minor inconvenience’ to you. The longer you wait to do a repair, the more quickly the condition will worsen. This means your end repair bill will be significantly higher!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In many cases, yes! We can take a sample of the colour from an area that is going to be repaired or replaced and match to this. However, if there’s significant fading or inconsistent colours, this may not be possible.

    Definitely. If you’ve already got the parts or materials for use, we’re happy to work with you.

    There’s a couple of options here. A few suppliers we work with carry old stock and you could get lucky finding a spare tile. Otherwise we can seek out a similar tile for you to approve, and if you’re happy with a slight discrepancy in look or colour we can use that. The last option is to re-tile the entire area if it’s within your budget.

    We sure do. We’ve done work for commercial and industrial buildings wherever required. We also manufacture and install custom signs.

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