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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do everything from window and door frames, to furniture construction. There are examples of the various sorts of carpentry jobs that we do on our Carpentry Services page.

    If you have a carpentry project in mind, please contact us to discuss your needs.

    If the wall is minor and non-structural, we should be able to help you with that. We often do this sort of work to help open up living spaces or convert rooms.

    Feel free to reach out to us so that we can discuss it.

    Yes, we can perform timber repairs and replacements such as skirting boards, weatherboards, and architraves. We can also match the existing paint colours to ensure any new areas blend in seamlessly with your home. Your best bet is to send us a photo and a description of the works required so that we can book in an inspection.

    Our fence and gate repairs include all of the following:

    • painting and staining
    • repairs to hardware
    • straightening and replacement of posts
    • replacement of pickets or palings
    • buildling of new fence or gate sections

    If you require works on any metal fences, we would need to assess it in person.

    We sure do! Our door and window repairs include:

    • fixing or replacing rotten doors and windows
    • patching and painting damaged doors and windows
    • installing new doors or windows
    • replacing broken window glass
    • replacing broken door or window hardware, including locks or hinges
    • unsticking doors or windows

    We work with a lot of rotten timber jobs, from rotten windows or rotten doors, to rotten fences and pergolas. Depending on the level of rot, we can either repair or replace the affected sections.

    We can undertake tasks such as sanding, painting, rejuvenation of windows, as well as repair or replacement of window winders and fly screens. In the event that your window latch or winder is not working, simply send us a picture so that we can provide you with a quote.

    When it comes to holes or damage to your plaster walls or even to internal doors, we can patch them and paint them. This can also be done to cracks in a wall, though large wall cracks may have deeper structural issues that you will require a specialist contractor to repair.

    In most scenarios we can match the existing paint colour so that the repainted sections will melt seamlessly into the surrounding areas once dry. In very rare cases where there’s extreme and inconsistent existing colours due to fading, discoloration from cooking oils or other environmental effects, an entire section may need to be repainted instead of just patched in in order to maintain consistency.

    We can definitely retile for you, and yes the process is quite involved. We would need to remove and dispose of the existing tiling first. During this process it is highly possible that the waterproofing membrane underneath will be torn or damaged. We would re-waterproof as required to bring the area back to the Australian standard, then we would apply the new tiles, grout and caulking as needed.

    If you just have a couple of broken tiles, we can source a similar tile and replace them for you. Sometimes (especially in older styled tiles that are no longer in production) an exact match can’t be found, and a ‘close enough’ compromise will need to be made.

    If you have purchased flatpack furniture we are more than happy to assemble it for you and will have all the necessary tools to put it together. We can also disassemble or reassemble old furniture if you need anything to be moved or disposed of. If it’s a cupboard or shelving which needs to be mounted to the wall for safety purposes, we can also do this for you.

    We have a range of bathroom and kitchen services, depending on the team that we send out. These services are as follows:

    • Repair and replacement of tiles
    • Repairs to old or damaged grout or caulking
    • Repainting
    • Replacement of hardware such as taps, handles, rails and more
    • Repair of leaking taps
    • Waterproofing
    • Replacement of vanity units, toilets, or other large items
    • Shower repairs including base replacement and shower screens

    We also do full scale bathroom and kitchen renovations.

    This is a tricky one that would need a $100 callout fee to confirm – some kitchen rangehoods and stovetops can be repaired by our technicians, however some issues require specific parts from specialty suppliers and might not be something we can source. In such cases we recommend contacting an appliance repair specialist.

    Well, if it’s around the home we probably fix it! We do everything from changing a battery or a lightbulb, to replacing broken windows or replastering your wall. There’s more information about our various handyman services here.

    If your fly screen is damaged, the cheapest thing to do is for us to simply replace it. These screens are designed for easy mesh replacement, and you have the option between a standard mesh or a heavy duty one.

    We do! We’re happy to install a mirror for you if you already have the item, otherwise we can have one cut to your specific size.

    We’re happy to! We can position and mount your artworks or pictures to the wall. Note that they will need to be already framed or stretched on a frame as we are not a picture framing service, and if a hanging mount is not currently affixed to the back of the frame, we may need to source one at your cost.

    We’re happy to supply fixtures and fittings for any maintenance projects. If you’re not concerned about how they look, we will source basic modern styled fixtures that suit the room. Otherwise, you will need to make a selection to avoid disappointment.

    For renovation projects we recommend you either supply us with the fixtures, or you sit with our team and order the specific items that you would like used.

    We definitely can. We’re happy to custom build shelves to meet your size and specifications. If you already have one that you would like installed (or need modified to suit a space) this is possible too.

    We can indeed mount most TVs to the wall provided there is a suitable mounting bracket, and your wall is appropriate for the install. If there’s power or other important wiring in the location you desire, we will need to find an alternative solution. In some cases, additional bracing may be required in the wall to take the weight of the unit.

    Most definitely. All of our invoices can be paid online by credit card. On larger jobs such as renovations, we don’t recommend this as your interest rate will be exceedingly high and would make more sense to have on a personal loan, but the online credit card option is always available.

    We do indeed. We can provide both paving and timber or concrete path building as part of our external garden services.

    We do indeed sand and polish floorboards to bring them back to life again. If your floorboards are squeaking, this is also something we can take a look at for you!

    We sure can – we can help out with any of your little office handyman works. Things like putting in first aid kids, soap dispensers or toilet roll holders in the bathroom, or putting up shelves and moving / assembling tables and chairs are no worries! We can also hang any framed artworks, certificates, whiteboards or other common office items, or patch and paint holes from previous wall artworks!

    Our larger office related works including repainting walls, doors and ceilings, or even putting in partition walls.

    • We have full public liability insurance.
    • In the event that certain materials are needed for the job, we’re happy to source them for you. Purchasing your own materials is sometimes not recommended since it may not be suitable or adequate enough for the task at hand. However, if you are able to buy the correct materials, then we will gladly work with them. We do however have a wide range of suppliers that can provide us with materials at affordable rates.
    • Materials are charged in addition to labor charges.
    • We provide rubbish removal services and this is priced according to volume.
    • We always strive to make our bookings in advance, however, get in touch with us if you need our services immediately and will do our best for you. This normally constitutes an emergency callout, and more information can be found about that on this page.
    • As a professional handyman service, we carry all of the tools required in order for us to take care of any job at hand, including ladders or tools for building flat pack furniture. Our renovations division is also fully equipped and has certified trades for specific works.
    • When it comes to gardening services, we can gladly assist residential clients. We also undertake routine property maintenance for real estate agencies and body corporates. You can also arrange to have regular maintenance done on your property.

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