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    Do you need a demolition to start your next renovation?

    Demolitions and rubbish removal are an important part of any renovation project you might be carrying out. After all, you can’t start putting anything new in until the old rubbish has been removed! Our room demolition services will have you covered, whether you’re doing your own home renovation or if you want us to renovate for you!

    We will come in and safely remove and dispose of anything that is no longer required. This can include such things as:

    • Removal of floor coverings (ie. floorboards, tiling, carpets, and vinyl)
    • Removal of wall coverings (ie. tiles, cladding, and wallpaper)
    • Plaster removal
    • Door and window removal 
    • Removal of bathroom fixtures including vanity units, mirrors, shower bases, shower screens, taps, bathtubs, lights and light coverings, toilets, basins and other bathroom items
    • Removal of kitchen fixtures including cabinets and shelves, benches, taps, sinks and basins, whitegoods and appliances such as old dishwashers or fridges, stovetops, rangehoods and other kitchen items

    For larger demolitions and renovations where multiple rooms are required to be done, we’ll also arrange for a skip bin to be placed at the property to allow the removal and disposal to be conducted efficiently. 

    In order for us to do a demolition, we need to know precisely what’s being removed and is okay for disposal, but also what you’re planning on keeping for use elsewhere. There are also some items that you may wish to keep but that will not be possible. Some items are likely to be destroyed during the removal process (especially where their installation is conducted on a permanent basis, without the intention of later removal). On things like this we can try to remove the item for you in one piece but cannot guarantee it. We also cannot be notified of intent to keep an item after the demolition has already started, as it’s likely it’s already been damaged or destroyed. It might even be in the bin!

    So contact us today to get started on your demolition and renovation project. We’re keen to jump on board!

    Helpful Hint #3972

    Think about what you want to keep before demolition begins or you may find that it's too late to salvage components. Unless we know before hand that something like a tub or a vanity is important and needs to be kept, it will likely be destroyed in the demolition process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on the type of basin, we may not be able to guarantee that this can be removed in good enough condition to reuse elsewhere. We will do our best to help you out with this.

    You unfortunately will need to notify us of your intent to keep any items before demolition begins. If there’s no skip onsite, the truck or trailer will be emptied as soon as it’s full, so there’s every chance your dishwasher is already gone.

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