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Get some fresh air back in your home!

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    Are you unable to open your windows because they're just plain stuck?

    Struggling to get your windows open but need the fresh air and ventilation in your home? Don’t just put up with it, or leave your doors open as an alternative. There’s many reasons why a window may get stuck, and we’re happy to help fix them all for you!

    This is another incredibly common issue around the home, but so many people just ignore it to save a bit of money. Not only is it usually a cheap problem to fix, it’s also an opportunity for you to get fly screens put on if flies entering your home is an issue!

    Some of the more common reasons for a stuck window include the following:

    Warping or swelling of the frame

    Any warping or swelling of the timber framework from moisture can cause the window to become difficult to open. In such a scenario, we can sand back and treat the frame to make it smooth to open, essentially making it small enough to fit properly again.

    Deterioration of window-opening hardware

    Sometimes it’s not the frame at all, but the hardware that’s causing the problem. If this is the case, we can simply replace the offending window hardware (or repair it if that is a possibility).

    Paint sticking the window to the framework

    This can sometimes happen with DIY window painting. It’s possible for an extra thick layer of paint or for paint pooling to dry in between the window and its surrounding framework. This causes a bit of a seal between the two, which needs to be broken in order for the window to be opened again. If the paint layers are too thick, this can also make it hard to open and close the window, and may even damage the paintwork each time it is opened or closed. In this scenario we can sand back or repaint the windows to make them fit properly.

    If you would like us to fix some stuck windows, contact us today to arrange an assessment and quote!

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    Helpful Hint #5724

    Keeping your window frames in good order does more than just make them look pretty. It can help keep the timber sealed, protecting it from issues with moisture for longer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Highly unlikely! We’ve dealt with a lot of stuck windows, many of which do require a bit of force for the initial re-opening before repairs can take place. This is quite normal.

    We can indeed. We can also fix old fly screens on windows.

    There are many reasons for this, some of which are explained at the top of this page. For your specific window, we’d need to assess it in person to know for sure.

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