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Furniture, fences, frames and more!

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    Do you need the assistance of a qualified carpenter or furniture maker?

    Do you have a space in your home that you would love a carpenter to build custom shelving for? Or perhaps you have timber windows that need to be adjusted. Maybe you just need some alterations done to a timber fence. Look no further, because The Universal Tradesman has the carpentry services to solve your problems!

    We have experienced, skilled carpenters available to do a wide range of carpentry services for both internal and external works. This includes works like skirting boards and architrave repairs, but also more creative work such as custom timber furniture. The list of what we can do is only limited by your needs and imagination. Want something custom built to suit a specific space in your home but you’re stuck for ideas? Have a look online for design inspiration; this will make it easier for us to interpret exactly what style you’re going for.

    Below are some of the commonly used carpentry services we provide:

    • Timber decking repairs and construction
    • Stair repairs and construction
    • Fence repairs and construction
    • Pergola repairs and construction
    • Window frame alterations and repairs
    • Skirting board and cornice repairs and replacement
    • Awnings and architrave repairs
    • Shelving construction
    • Desk and table construction
    • Door alteration and installation
    • Custom signage and installation

    If you’re still unsure about whether we can help you out with carpentry services, contact us today. Our tradespeople can discuss the best options to suit your situation.

    Helpful Hint #1066

    Remember that timber and any paints or finishes that you’re applying to it need to be suitable for the area you’re using it in. If not treated correctly, timber can and will rot. Once that rot sets in, you can patch and repair it all you like, but ultimately it will need to be replaced. It might cost you a little more from the start, but it will save you money in the long run.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have different divisions for different work. Our maintenance division carpenters focus on the small projects; window or door frames, furniture and shelving, things like that. Our renovation division carpenters focus on the larger projects.

    We’d love to have a look at your timber. We can then tell you whether it’s suitable for use for what you’re proposing.

    This is something we can assist with, but it’s more involved than you might have thought. We’d need to alter the frame, get new glass, and also rebuild the wall and paint.

    That’s okay, we don’t build the furniture on site at your property.

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