Waterproofing Repairs

Internal, external and below ground repairs

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    Have you found the waterproofing in one of the wet areas of your home just doesn’t seem to be up to scratch? Perhaps it’s even started causing you real problems with rotten walls and floors. Don’t worry, because you’re not alone! As property maintenance specialists, we come across inadequately waterproofed homes all the time, especially in older homes. And take it from us – the longer you leave it, the worse it’ll be.

    Unfortunately, inadequate or damaged waterproofing isn’t one of those things that you can ‘just put up with until it’s a real problem’. If you leave it for too long, it can cause water damage to your walls and floors. The longer you leave it, the more time the moisture has to penetrate further and further. Not only is this expensive to repair, but the resulting ongoing dampness is the perfect breeding ground for mould, and this can eventually become a health risk.

    Our waterproofing repairs cover everything from internal repairs, to external and below ground repairs. We use a range of superior-quality products from Ardex and Tremco, combined with our technical know-how to determine the best way to combat moisture buildup and complete your waterproofing repairs!

    With basement block work and retaining walls, negative-side waterproofing is one of the recovery methods we utilise. Many below-ground problems are caused by the buildup of hydrostatic pressure from excessive moisture in the soil. This is especially problematic in wet regions like coastal areas, or after heavy rains where poor drainage is an issue. We use the Ardex WPM300 Hydrepoxy Membrane and carefully placed weep holes to protect against pressure and moisture buildup, and provide better drainage.

    We also supply specialty balcony repairs services that first diagnose then address any balcony leaks or waterproofing issues, whether they’re directly from the balcony or not.

    If you have a waterproofing repair concern, contact us today to arrange for one of our specialist staff to inspect your property!

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    Consistent mould build-up can be indicative of greater problems in a wet area. Sometimes this can just be a lack of proper ventilation. Other times, the rising damp could be far more serious. If you start finding discoloration from water damage, or tiles start lifting / falling and exposing damaged walls or voids, you need to get someone in immediately.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depends on the extent of the works, really. If you’re just putting in a new shower screen and taps, chances are you might not need to. If you’re ripping out your old polymarble shower base, putting a fall in the floor and tiling, you will. It’s best to contact us so that we can inspect your shower and discuss what your plans are so that we can advise properly.

    Unfortunately no. To meet Australian standards for wet areas in your home, your renovated bathroom will need to have adequate waterproofing. This is regardless of whether it’s caused you issues in the past.

    Unfortunately no, epoxy grout alone does not constitute adequate waterproofing to meet the Australian standard.

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