Recaulking and regrouting

Time to replace that damaged, mouldy caulk and grout!

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    Does the damage to your caulk and grout have you confused?

    Grout and caulk are things that a lot of people tend to forget about, or only notice as a bit of an afterthought. Afterall they seem to be insignificant next to the splendour and importance of your tiles, or glass screens, or vanity units! It’s not until they start getting mouldy, or chip and flake off, or just degrade to the point that they’re disgusting and make your bathroom look old that most people start paying attention. The unfortunate thing is that clean grout and caulk that’s in good condition can really make your tiling look spectacular.

    Grout and caulk can both degrade over time, especially with inadequate or improper maintenance. A lot of people will use wire brushes or abrasive scrubbers to clean their caulk, but this can leave scratches and gouges in the soft material. While it’s true a lot of caulk is mould resistant, it’s a different story when you’ve got scratches that can fill with moisture and grime with no ventilation or cleaning options. When you’ve found that your grout is discoloured, cracking and full of holes and gaps, or your caulk is mouldy and shrinking, Universal Tradesman can help!

    Our recaulking and regrouting services are made just for these purposes. Our staff have been trained to skillfully remove all traces of old and damaged grout or caulk without affecting the surrounding tiling. With our recaulking and regrouting services we can:

    • remove and cleanup old grout and caulk,
    • regrout and recaulk,
    • then finish by cleaning up.

    It’s a process we’ve completely many times, all with great success! Regrouting and recaulking can really make things look brand new again, so if you’ve got grout or caulk that needs to be looked at, contact us today! Supplying photos with your quote request will help us process your enquiry more quickly.

    Helpful Hint #7436

    Keep your tiling looking beautiful and fresh by making sure your grout is clean. Remember, most tiles are fairly resistant to dirt, but grout is porous and will absorb things that tiles won't. There are many home made and store bought grout cleaners that are gentle enough to not damage your tiles, but strong enough to clean your grout. Just make sure that the brush you use to clean your grout is not metal or overly abrasive. You'll risk damaging your tiling and your grout if you're too rough with it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bunnings and other hardware stores sell dedicated grout cleaner and bristle brushes that are soft enough to not damage your grout or tiles, but rigid enough to get the job done right. These cleaning solutions are designed to help you keep your grout clean and are actually a pretty cheap solution. Maintaining your grout will extend it’s life span as there won’t be any build-up of dirt, grime and bacteria that would speed the degradation process.

    No, it won’t – our staff are skilled in removing and regrouting without causing damage to the tiles. It is also a good opportunity to replace any broken tiles that you might have.

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