Retail Signage and Sticker Removal

Professional removal of commercial signs and sticker adhesive

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    Need to Remove Your Store's Signs and Stickers?

    When it comes to retail signage, there is no question that the message you want your customers to see has a huge impact on their shopping experience. Signs can be used for anything from directing shoppers where they need to go, introducing new products and sales events, or simply brightening up an otherwise drab retail space.

    While signs may seem like a great way of drawing attention and getting people into your store at first glance, many retail stores have found that having too many visible signs actually just ends up confusing customers and making them more likely to leave without buying anything! Too many signs and stickers also becomes a problem when your lease ends and you do not plan to renew it.

    So what happens when you want to remove your signs and stickers? At Universal Tradesman, we offer retail sign removal services in the Melbourne area. We provide services that cover everything from retail sign installation to sticker removal.

    Sign removal is one of the hardest parts about sign-making. If adhesive signs were used, it can be challenging to take off the adhesive without doing too much damage. That’s why Universal Tradesman uses only state-of-the-art techniques and products for our clients’ signs that need removing.


    The Hassle of Removing Stickers

    Anyone who’s ever pulled a piece of tape off something knows the struggle with two outcomes: either you end up having to remove everything that was under it, including paint finishes or there will be some remaining sticky residue left behind.

    Window stickers

    Direct exposure to sunlight will cause sticker adhesive to melt onto your windows, which makes removing them very difficult. And while adhesive remover can help, once this happens it is impossible or practically impossible (depending how much material has fused) to remove completely without causing damage to window panes.

    Wall decals

    Removing a wall decal or sticker is no easy task. A wet sponge might do but it may take bits of the plaster off with it, which leaves you with unsightly streaks and stains on your walls.

    Floor stickers

    Removing floor stickers and decals can be considerably more challenging than a wall sticker. People walk all over these, so the adhesive often grips to your floor even more firmly – making it very difficult to remove them for good! Additionally, this constant pressure wears down the vinyl until it exposes an ugly brown or grey patch that will not go away easily.

    Vehicle stickers

    Recently bought a second-hand van? Don’t like any of the stickers that were slapped all over it by the previous owner? Or how many times have you found your car windows covered in cloudy, icky coating from sticker remnants that just won’t come off?

    If you have any of these issues, fret not, Universal Tradesman has got you covered! Contact us today for a quote on sign removal or if you need help installing new signage for your retail space, office lobby, or restaurant! We’ll book you in for an obligation-free consultation with our sticker-removal specialists.

    Helpful Hint #2353

    Sticker removal can be tricky. If you’ve started removing your stickers and find that you’re causing damage to the area underneath, call a professional immediately in order to avoid further damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Universal Tradesman, we are able to remove your business sign professionally in order to minimise damage as well as transport your sign to your new location and install it there. Call us for a quote or more questions about this service.

    Avoid hassle and confusion by hiring a company that has the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle both sign installation AND removal. This way you get your new signage installed as quickly as possible without any worries about customers not being able to find you!

    We use different methods of sign and sticker removal depending on the type of adhesive and construction used. Contact us with a description of the type of removal you need and we will be able to recommend you the best option.

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