End of Lease Assistance

Helping you get your bond back

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    Are you vacating your rental property?

    Everyone wants to get their bond back when they vacate a rental property! It’s a lot of money, and you can put it toward the bond on your next rental, or it could go into savings for a home deposit. But we all know how stressful it is moving out of one home and in to another. Do you really want to have to worry about whether you’ve kept the property in ‘ok’ condition, or would it be easier to have someone else do the worrying?

    Our end of lease assistance services are just what you need. We come in and go over your condition report with you, both internal and external, and ensure that any repairs that need to be made are done. We can also dispose of all the things you don’t want to take with you to the next rental, so you don’t need to make a tip run. If you (or one of your house mates!) were a bit of slob we can get professional cleaners in or advise you on what you’ll need to make sure is cleaned so that your property manager is happy.

    So you might be asking yourself why bother paying for end of lease assistance and repairs if the property manager can just take it out of your bond and get it done themselves? The answer is simple: reputation. If you’re planning on moving into another rental property, having references from previous real estate agents and property managers is essential. If you’ve got a black mark against your name because you’ve trashed your previous rental properties, you may have a hard time finding a new place to move in to. Maintaining your reputation by vacating a place in pristine condition is a big plus, and it could mean the difference between you getting that beautiful new rental by the beach, or someone else getting it!

    Helpful Hint #642

    Always make sure you keep your condition report in a safe place, and don't lose it! Sure, it's a useful tool for your property manager to make sure you pay for any damage you cause, but it goes both ways! It also means that they can't blame you for any damage that may have already been there when you started occupying the property.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is really up to you – if you’ve kept the place clean, haven’t damaged anything and you know for sure what condition it was in, fantastic! You’re probably set just giving the place the once-over on your own. Otherwise, if you’re not too sure, have a walkaround the property with one of our team to go over things that the property manager may point out, even if just for peace of mind.

    We can, but you’ll need to be specific about what things you want fixed, and a detailed list documenting each required repair will need to be supplied. This is so we don’t fix anything that doesn’t need to be done to save you money, and also so you’re completely on top of what works are actually happening.

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