Balcony Repairs

Repair your damaged, leaking balcony!

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    Tired of your leaking balcony sending cascades of water down every time it rains?

    Having a balcony is a great thing, especially if you live in a small apartment, townhouse or beachside property. It’s your outdoor entertaining area, your breath of fresh air. It’s good for gardens, outdoor living, and of course barbeques! However, when things go wrong and you find that your balcony is leaking, fixing it can be a real nightmare.

    Leaking balconies can cause damage to your property and also to properties beneath yours, and the damage worsens over time. These problems are intensified during particularly wet seasons and can be difficult to properly diagnose without invasive works. Unfortunately without a proper diagnosis, lasting balcony repairs can be almost impossible.

    Our Balcony Repairs Process

    In order to properly diagnose your balcony problems, we have a process that we follow to allow us to conduct the balcony repairs properly.

    Initial Inspection and Discussion

    During our initial inspection, we talk to you about the problems you’re having with your balcony and document the works. We also explain the process in more detail so that you can ask any questions you might have about the work.

    Unfortunately, most balcony repairs cannot be quoted at this stage as the issues have yet to be diagnosed. In some very rare cases we might be able to tell you what the issue is from a cursory inspection, but this is rare.

    The next stage is required before balcony repairs can be properly quoted.

    Testing Phase

    In order to determine where the leaks are and where they’re coming from, we need to conduct a water pressure test and also take moisture meter readings. Some leaks aren’t even coming from the balcony itself, and this is what we need to determine by following water trails. This phase can take anywhere from half an hour to a day.

    Reporting and Quoting

    From this testing, we produce a full report on the issues we have discovered, then quote the balcony repairs. Minor balcony repairs may only need recaulking. Major balcony repairs may need all the tiling and waterproofing to be removed and re-done from scratch. It all depends on the severity of the problems. There are also cheap temporary fixes that are available. We can epoxy grout and recaulk the balcony, filling every crevice or crack. It’s not an ideal solution but if you don’t have the money to spend on completely renovating your balcony, it could be an acceptable short term solution.

    Major balcony repairs often involve ripping up the tiles, waterproofing membrane and screed to fully expose the substrate. Then, the entire area needs to be re-waterproofed, re-screeded and tiled, using epoxy grout and silicon/caulking. It’s a large undertaking which can sometimes be hampered by wet weather.

    If you have a balcony that is in need of Melbourne’s top waterproofing company, please contact us today to arrange an inspection and testing. Don’t delay; your problems could be worsening without you knowing.

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    Low-cost solutions exist for some less severe leaking balconies, and we're happy to do these for you. However, they won't be anywhere near as robust or long-lived as a full balcony repair.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unfortunately we can’t give you an estimate until testing begins. It could be 30 minutes, or it could be 10 hours – it depends on conditions.

    It depends on the issue and the severity. It could be several hundred dollars, or it could be several thousand dollars or more. We suggest full testing to ensure you’re getting the right sort of balcony repairs.

    Depends on the current work loads – it could be a couple of weeks before works can commence. Please contact us to find out availability.

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