Emergency Callouts

Helping you out when you least expect to need it!

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    Don't worry, our emergency maintenance team is here to help!

    Sometimes problems strike when you least expect them, and that’s when you need an emergency callout. Our emergency callouts can be booked during standard business hours, after hours, or on weekends (pending availability of the correct trades, callout fee and subsequent hourly rate depends on the time of the booking).

    Unfortunately, not all emergency jobs are on-the-spot fixes. As a callout we may be able to fix the immediate and urgent issue (or at least bring it to a manageable state), but there could be underlying concerns which would cause the issue to repeat. If we can address these issues while at the emergency callout, we will. Otherwise, we will advise you on the best course of action to take.

    There are many things which may constitute an emergency callout for you. These could include:

    • Taps that won’t turn off
    • Broken entry doors that would cause a property to be insecure
    • Downed or broken fences at properties with pets
    • Tree branches that may have fallen in high winds causing damage to the property

    Please freecall us on 1800 411 811 if you have an urgent issue that you need assistance with.

    Helpful Hint #175

    Always familiarise yourself with the location of things like the water main and fuse box at your home. Keeping some basic tools (like wrenches, screwdrivers, rags and a torch) in an easily accessible spot in your kitchen is also extremely handy. All of these things can end up being invaluable to you when you find yourself in an unexpected situation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    They’re marginally higher than our standard call outs, but the cost will be less than if you wait for too long.

    Although we try our best to accommodate emergency call outs, we can’t always free up staff. Your best bet is to call us and see what we can organise for you.

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