Facades and Street Fronts

How does you home stack up against your street?

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    Add some street appeal to your home!

    The facade of your home is the public face presented for all the world to see. It can be an indication of the beauty of the home hidden within, or an eyesore in desperate need of a bit of work. For people looking to sell, refreshing your facade can be one way to improve street appeal and add a bit of value to the property. For owner occupiers, it’s something to be proud of and enjoy coming home to.

    The makeover of a facade or the general front area of your home doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive thing, and sometimes less is more. While many people opt to fully render the front of their home, it isn’t always the most suitable approach. The cost really does add up too. Some of the ways that we look at improving your facade and street frontage include the following.

    We can also help you upgrade the look of your commercial properties. We work closely with MPL Signage for retail and other commercial clients, if they needs to improve the look and visual appeal of their shops.

    Painting the Exterior

    Repainting can really freshen up the look of your home or shopfront. It gives you a chance to perhaps choose new, more modern colours, or pick something classic that ages well. 


    Rendering the Front Facade


    This is a great way to completely change the look of your property. You will be amazed at how much a good render will do to modernise it. You don’t have to do the whole face either, in fact it’s often a good idea to render sparingly to avoid having a one-dimensional look. A good balance of bricks and render, with beautiful, timeless complementary colours is all it really needs.


    Fixing up your roof


    This can really do wonders for how a home looks. Repairing any broken tiles, giving it a good clean, or even completely changing the colour with a coat of paint can completely change how it looks. An old roof can look brand new again with a bit of work.


    Put in a new front door


    This is another extremely cheap way to improve how your house looks. 


    Tidy up your garden


    Overgrown lawns and dead bushes will not buy you any friends. Simple garden maintenance doesn’t take long and can give the appearance of a well-looked-after property.


    Refresh your driveway


    This doesn’t necessarily mean ripping it up and starting again. You could clean it up, paint it or have it resurfaced, and it won’t cost you the world. It also gives you a chance to coordinate the driveway with the new colours on the front facade, so your entire street frontage looks carefully curated.

    These are all ways that we can help improve the front of your home, but our services are not limited to just these ideas! If you have something in mind, just contact us and speak to one of our renovation crew about getting the most out of your front facade.

    Helpful Hint #2860

    When choosing the colour for the facade of your home, consider the colours of your visible brickwork, roof and gutters. Having absolutely everything the same colour can be flat and boring, so introducing contrasting colours and highlights can help bring balance to your facade.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While rendering your facade is really quite popular, it’s not always necessary to make your property look fantastic, especially if you already have beautiful brick work. You could clean up and paint your roof and put in a new front door and landing to bring life to your street frontage.

    Have a look at your visible bricks (if any) and your roof. To add more appeal and depth, you’ll want to choose a complementary but contrasting colour. For example if you have a mushroom coloured roof and are fully rendering your facade, you could go with a matching mushroom render, and an off-white for your window trims, doors and gutters for highlights. If you have charcoal bricks, you might consider cream or light warm grey render to avoid having a flat look to your home.

    Definitely – illuminated paths or front stairs can look really nice, especially when embedded into a timber walkway or landing. We’d be happy to do this.

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