Custom Built Tables

Tables designed and built to suit your precise needs!

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    Have you got a great idea for a custom piece of furniture for your home?

    Designing and building custom furniture and tables is a passion of one of our team members. It’s a beautiful creative process that results in bespoke designer pieces that fit perfectly into the layout of your home. Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather have a piece of furniture built to suit your exact space, aesthetic and budget requirements? After all, if you’re shopping for designer furniture there’s normally a high price tag and long wait-time associated with receiving what you’ve paid for, so often it ends up faster and cheaper to have a custom piece built.

    Custom built tables can be created with a huge variety of materials, sizes and budgets in mind. Some of the most popular materials for custom tables include:

    • timber,
    • composite panels and laminates,
    • natural stone,
    • manmade stone composites,
    • concrete,
    • and fabricated metal, normally for legs or structural purposes.

    Any number of these materials can come together to give you a beautiful look that matches the rest of your home styling, and you’re only really limited by your space, budget and your imagination. We’re able to produce matching bedside tables, coffee tables, dining tables, outdoor tables, benches, or hallway tables to suit whatever you may have in mind.

    Our Process

    In order to custom design and build a table for you, we have a simple step by step process that we follow to ensure what we make is what you have in mind.

    We start with the initial consultation.
    We come to your home and discuss what you want to have designed and built. This allows us to see the space that you have available and the surrounding style so that we can make sure the custom piece suits the area. We talk costings and budget, possible materials, and timeframe.

    From this, we produce a quotation based on the initial consultation.
    This quote can be discussed and changed if certain things don’t fit your budget or if you want to make alterations.

    Once the quote is approved, we produce drawings of the furniture in question unless it’s a straightforward or replication job that just requires production.

    Once these drawings are approved, we start building the custom furniture in our workshop. This can take time, especially where specialty materials need to be ordered in. We keep you informed of the progress with photos and updates, and once completed, we bring the custom built table to you and install it in your desired home location.

    Our process is designed to make this as easy as possible for you in every way. There’s no need for you to pick things up yourself or come to us – we want to make sure the experience is perfect.

    So if you’re interested in discussing a custom built table, or would like to learn more about this, please contact us today!


    Helpful Hint #276

    Having a strong idea of what you want will help our furniture designer get a better idea of what to create for you. Drawings, material ideas, photos and more are all important things that you can show during your consultation in order to get the best outcome.


    That’s fine – we can design it so that it comes apart. This can be built then re-assembled once in your home. Our service includes delivery to your home and putting your new table in your desired location.

    That’s fine – we don’t actually build them onsite. Custom tables must be built at our workshop location.

    Unfortunately custom furniture can take weeks to build – it’s not something that can be done in a couple of hours. We suggest you purchase a flatpack or pre-built table for your urgent party.

    We sure can. We can resin pour table tops for custom furniture.

    Yes, we can paint the metal legs for you. On the example modern white side table we created (pictured right) the legs were sprayed ‘rose gold’

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