End of Lease Repairs

Getting you prepared for your next tenant

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    Is your untenanted rental property in need of a little work?

    Every property manager’s dream is to have a portfolio of rentals with perfect tenants. They pay on time, never damage a thing, barely ever need to make contact, and vacate the premises in immaculate condition. Of course how often do those really ever come around? Luckily, for all the tenants who are just regular people who vacate their leases with the the normal amount of wear and tear and accidental damage, we’re here to help. We’ll also help out with fixing up after the ‘problem tenants’ who have left the place in a bit of a state.

    Our end of lease repairs service is tailored to suit the way you’d prefer to work. We can operate in one of two ways:

    From a documented scope of works

    If you have already been through your original condition report, have conducted a thorough walkaround of the property and have made a list of all repairs required, then we’re happy to work from your list. Where the scope of works list is quite large, photo documentation or a guided walkthrough will be required to ensure nothing is missed.

    Without a scope of works

    If you haven’t had a chance to look at everything yourself, we can go to the property and advise on everything that we recommend get repaired or upgraded, with supplied photos. As there’s no guidance, this can sometimes end up with a higher quote and more recommended repairs than expected, but you will end up with a comprehensive list of recommendations that you can review. Combined with your initial condition report, this can help in your assessment of any bond refund. This can also be an opportunity to make upgrades if the rental property is going up on the market after.

    Our end of lease repairs can really make your life easier when it comes to getting a property sorted and ready for a new tenant. Thanks to our renovations division, we can also offer a wider range of services than most other end of lease repairs providers, which speeds up the process and means you only need to deal with the one company.

    So, if you’re thinking of using our end of lease repairs services, contact us today! We’d be happy to come in to your office and talk to you about how we can help you and your team.

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    Book these repairs in sooner rather than later! If we can do all repairs before a new tenant is found, we'll be able to get things done more efficiently as there will be less stakeholders involved in scheduling the works.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If necessary, we can go in to the property and provide a full site assessment and condition report with photos, and provide you with project pricing on the repairs based on the full recommended scope. Just be aware that if the landlord chooses not to proceed with all of the recommended works, there may be additional charges as project rates are generally discounted to take bulk work and labour into consideration.

    This depends on what work is required. If need be we can do weekend and afterhour work to get this done in time.

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