Minor Demolition Works

Demolition of flooring, structures and non-load-bearing walls

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    Are You Trying to Get Rid of Your Old Shed?

    Do you have an old shed that’s been sitting in your backyard for years and now it’s time to get rid of it? Do you have a house that needs some work done? If so, there are several demolition works we can help with.

    Small demolition works are minor projects that don’t require a lot of heavy machinery or equipment. These minor jobs typically involve minor repairs or maintenance work.

    The demolition crew at your disposal will make sure that you get all of the following handy services when needed:

    Non-load-bearing wall removal

    Removing non-load-bearing walls is an important step in expanding your living space and giving your home a more spacious feel. Non-load-bearing walls can interrupt airflow from one area into another while also blocking light coming through windows, which means less fresh air as well as reduced visibility on both sides.

    Awning removal

    Awnings are a common feature on the south side of buildings. They help cover windows from sun and rain, but they also block natural light. Sometimes these decorative additions can be difficult to remove without damaging surfaces or simply becoming too heavy for one person to do alone.

    Bathroom demolitions (including toilets)

    The simplest way to demolish a bathroom? Destroy the toilets and sink. This is how you remove all of those pesky pipes that run through, behind, or beneath your home’s flooring. The demolition process can be overwhelming and downright scary for those who have never been through one before. You may also need concrete cutting services during bathroom demolition.

    Carpet, tile and floor removal

    Carpet, tile and floor removals are a hassle, but we make it easy. We will remove any carpet or tile in your home quickly and efficiently, without breaking anything.

    Shed demolition and removal

    You’re finally ready to part ways with your shed. Before you can go to town with the demolition, make sure that it’s emptied out and ready to be demolished. Call us for the hard part of demolition!

    Fence removal

    Fences may enhance the aesthetics and safety of a property, but you may be considering a new look for your home and require removal of your old fence. If you have an old fence that is no longer functional or safe for your family and pets, consider removing it today with our professional services.

    Drywall removal

    Drywall is a great way to finish new buildings, but it can be hazardous when the time comes for removal. We can help you take down drywall without fuss or hassle.

    Yard debris removal

    There are many different yard debris items that can accumulate over time and make it difficult to have a nice garden. We offer services for removing leaves, branches, stumps, bushes — whatever you need!

    Deck and patio demolition

    Do you have an outdated or damaged outdoor living space which needs renovating? We’re experts at taking down decks and patios so they may be replaced by ones more suited for modern lifestyles. You’ll benefit from increased safety, style and accessibility.

    Playground demolition and removal

    A playground is a staple of any community or park. But when it’s time for removal, you don’t want to leave it up to just anyone: our professional staff is happy to help!

    Kitchen demolition

    Kitchen demolition is a must if you want to upgrade your kitchen, but it can be difficult and overwhelming. With so many materials out there these days, from quartz countertops to sleek backsplashes and cabinets, where do you start with removal? If you need help, we have got you covered.

    Cabinet demolition and removal

    No one likes unwanted cabinetry taking up space in their house – especially when it needs to be replaced! Our skilled professionals will help remove those unsightly pieces by using cutting-edge machinery like an acetylene torch so there’s no lingering debris left behind.

    Our team at Universal Tradesman would love to help you get started on your small demolition projects. We also provide demolition services for larger projects. Contact us today so we can make it happen for you!

    Helpful Hint #825

    If you've requested for kitchen demolition services but would like to keep your built-in kitchen appliances intact, tell us in advance so that we'll be sure to protect your appliances during the demolition process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are able to demolish non-load-bearing walls, tile flooring, decks, fences and patios, built-in furniture and appliances among many more! Give us a call if you’re unsure and we’ll be able to tell you if we’re able to demolish the structure you have in mind.

    Yes, we are! Our demolition experts are able to remove wall and floor tiles while protecting your built-in bathroom accessories. Simply tell us what you’d like to keep before the demolition process begins.

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