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Repairs, maintenance, painting and installation!

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    Do you have a door issue you need looked at?

    Doors are an integral part of your home, and you need them in good working condition. Having doors that won’t open properly or can’t be locked is a huge safety risk for your family. Luckily door repairs are one of our most common callouts, so our team knows how to handle almost every type of door repair! 

    We can do everything from replacing door hardware, patching and painting damaged doors, re-hanging misaligned doors, to installing brand new doors. We also have a carpentry team allowing us to rebuild door frames, or do extreme repairs.

    Our door repair services cover all of the following types of doors:

    • Front door / back door repairs
    • Internal door repairs
    • Garage door repairs
    • Sliding door repairs
    • French door repairs
    • Bifold door repairs
    • Cupboard and wardrobe door repairs
    • Door frame repairs

    Do you have a specific door issue you need handled?
    Just make a selection from one of the following!

    Rotten Doors ->

    Do you have rotten doors that are falling apart and look terrible? Here we discuss the varying stages of deterioration of rotten doors and what your options are.

    Sticking Doors ->

    Are you struggling to get your doors open or closed? Sticking doors are another very common issue! There are a wide number of causes for this, so read this page for more information about what causes a door to stick, and how we can fix it.

    Door Painting ->

    Do you need a door restoration done? We can patch and paint your doors to make them look brand new! Read this page for information on the best methods for painting doors to make them look brand new.

    Door Maintenance ->

    Door maintenance isn’t necessarily a very expensive or regular thing, but it can help keep your doors in good condition for longer. Find out how here!

    Door Replacement ->

    Is your door beyond repair and in need of replacement? Not a problem for us! Click on this page to learn about our door replacement services.

    Emergency Door Repairs ->

    Have you just come home to a kicked-in door with a busted lock and frame? Click here to find out how we can help you, or just call us right now to book an emergency job!

    Otherwise, please contact us now with your door repair needs via our contact form. To improve the speed of your quote, please attach photos of the area that requires repair and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Helpful Hint #18752

    There's plenty of things you can do to maintain your doors to reduce the likelihood of needing a full repair done. Things like lubrication of the locks and hinges can actually be carried out easily using tools and materials purchased from Bunnings!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We would need to inspect this to know the actual reason, but there’s many possible reasons why a door that was working previously may become difficult to close. Building movement may have caused the alignment of the door frame to become skewed, the door may have swelled due to moisture, the hinges may have deteriorated or become damaged, or something might be catching on it. A $100 callout fee and quote would help us determine the best solution to this.

    Absolutely! We’re happy to work with supplied parts, and can’t wait to give your four-legged friend all of the pats! If you have a glass sliding door that leads to your backyard, you may need a special type of doggy door that is designed to fit around glass sliding doors. We can advise you on these if you need us to.

    We definitely can fix these for you. Depending on how deep these scratches are, and what sort of door it is, there’s a number of ways we can approach the job. On a painted door we can patch the dents and scratches, then paint over the top to match the rest of the door. On timber doors, we can use a wood filler, then use a finish over the top that matches the rest of the timber. It’ll just look like the rest of the wood grain!

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