Ceiling and Wall Repairs

From cave-ins to water damage!

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    Do your ceilings or walls need some repairs?

    Ceiling and wall repairs are a common necessity of home ownership. Over time, building movement can put cracks in your walls or ceilings. Maybe a pipe has burst or leaked and has caused water damage. Or maybe you just have energetic, young kids who have a habit of bumping and scraping the walls by accident. These are all fixable problems that you don’t need to worry about any more!

    Ceiling and wall repairs can range from the very minor, to the very severe and everything in between. We’re just as happy to come in and patch a couple of holes and dents in your walls as we are coming in and replacing an entire caved-in ceiling. The following is a list of the types of ceiling and wall repairs that we do here.

    Patching and Painting
    Repair the dents, scratches and holes in your walls, ceilings and doors.

    Plaster Repairs
    Repair and replace damaged (or non-existent) plaster on your walls or ceilings

    Water Damage Repairs
    Has leaking water caused damage to your walls or ceilings? We offer a number of services to fix this.

    Ceiling Cave-ins
    Deterioration of your ceiling combined with unexpected force/weight can cause it to cave in. We can clean up, make the area safe and install new ceilings.

    Skirtings, Cornices and Architraves
    Do you have damaged skirtings, cornices and architraves and need some repairs, or simply want to change things up? Here’s what we can do to help.

    Please follow one of the above links to find out more about our ceiling and wall repairs, or contact us today to book in an assessment!

    Helpful Hint #5642

    When patching and painting dents, gouges and scratches in your wall, do them in a bulk run, even if some of the little ones don't bother you that much. The amount of waiting time required before the fillers can be sanded and painted is better spent filling other little holes and dents, so it ends up more cost effective for you to do them in bulk.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ll have to address the cause of the sagging first – there would be no point in us fixing the ceiling now if it’s simply going to happen again! Then we can cut out the affected section of ceiling and replace and repaint it.

    We can – we do offer mould removal as one of our services. We also offer mould-resistant paint services if you need the area repainted too.

    We can definitely remove and replace damaged skirting boards, then repaint them to match. Just be aware that some skirting boards and architraves are specific profiles that may not be in production anymore, or can’t be sourced. In these scenarios we will need to use the closest possible match.

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