Deck Restaining

Make your deck look brand new again

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    Is your timber deck looking faded and sad?

    The good old timber deck is a core component of the outdoor entertainer’s arsenal. Whether you have a large family with lots of kids, like putting on a barbeque dinner with your friends, or just want to have a glass of wine with a good book, everyone can enjoy owning a deck! Unfortunately, direct exposure to sunlight, external weather conditions, and foot traffic can all wear away the protective coatings of your paint, stain or treatment. From there, it’s all just downhill as your timber fades, dries, rots or cracks. Luckily, deck restaining can help prevent this and make it seem brand new, all without having to actually build a new deck.

    Deck restaining can be done to decks of any size and shape, including multi-level decks, and can also include any stairs or timber handrails that are attached to the deck. We can also repair loose or damaged timber to help restore your deck to its former glory. We highly recommend that you do consider attending to any of these little problems to avoid the condition worsening in the future. After all, there’s no point in making your deck look nice by restaining it if half of it is falling to pieces!

    To get the best result possible, we start by sanding your deck and removing all traces of the previous stain. This gives us a good surface to work with and can also remove some of your surface imperfections like scratches or cracks. We can then treat it with an acid wash such as Intergrain UltraPrep if needed to revive and ready the surface for staining. We then stain or oil the deck with the desired colour of your choice.

    If you’re interested in having your deck restaining performed on your deck, please contact us today with your approximate deck size and a photo of it if possible. We’ll respond as quickly as we can to book in an inspection and quote!

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    Helpful Hint #547

    When restaining your deck a certain colour, consider giving any adjoining timber (balustrades, stairs, fences) the same treatment. This way, you'll maintain consistency in your look, and there will be more consistency in the aging of the timber.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before staining a deck we have to remove all dirt and traces of the previous stain by sanding it – the previous colour won’t be an issue.

    That won’t be an issue at all. We can make any necessary repairs to your decking before we begin staining it. If there’s any timber that needs to be replaced, please be aware that there may be some discrepancies in the colour even if the same type of timber is used. This is due to the aging of your existing timber, and it may still be visible after staining.

    Definitely – we can stain your timber balustrade and stairs to match the rest of your deck

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