Deck Removals

Safely get rid of your old deck!

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    Are you planning on doing some landscaping works?

    Changing the layout of your yard is a huge undertaking. There’s ground and plants to be moved, turf to be removed, and in some cases old decks and paths that also need to go. Or maybe your deck is just really old and needs to be replaced. In any case, removing a deck is a pretty big undertaking with all of the fixings, timber boards, and the support beams that will all need to be safely demolished, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional team to carry out the work.

    Our deck removals service covers every aspect of the deck removal process.

    • Safe disassembly of existing decking
    • Break down and removal of old timbers and fixings
    • Reinstatement of dirt if required
    • General tidy up of the area

    Deck removals are a good lead-in to building a new deck; one in good condition that the whole family can enjoy. It’s an opportunity to make better use of your space, especially where an old deck has been built in a way that doesn’t quite fit well. Alternatively you may not even want to put a new deck in. Our staff would be happy to discuss your ideas and bounce solutions off you.

    If you’d like to make use of our deck removals services, contact us today with a photo of your deck, and we’ll book in a site assessment!

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    Helpful Hint #23

    Are you a bit handy yourself? Is the timber from your old deck still in good nick? You could try recycling it into something new and artistic instead of having all the timber disposed of. Deck boards are perfect for making wooden planter boxes or rustic benches.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes we do, unless you request us not to allow for this in the quote. If you want to turn the old deck boards into something else or want to dispose of it yourself, that’s fine.

    Yes we can, we have deck building services available.

    Depending on the size of the deck, it can be 1 to 2 days.

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