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Fix up fallen, leaning and damaged fences and gates

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    Has your fence blown over or just need it strengthened?

    Timber fences are a staple part of almost every home, but over time they can fall into a state of disrepair. Long term exposure to the elements, plant overgrowth on the fence itself, plant root systems, accidents, high winds and more can all contribute to damage to fences. Our fence and gate repairs covers a huge range of common fence concerns, and if your problem is not listed on this page, chances are we can still fix it for you!

    Leaning Fences
    There’s many reasons why your fence might be leaning, and in order to fix it and strengthen it we usually need to address the cause. You fence may be leaning due to:

    • plant overgrowth or interference by heavy tree root systems;
    • deteriorated or rotted timber structural posts;
    • incorrectly secured timber structural posts;
    • damage during high winds;
    • one-off accidental damage such as a fallen tree or a car crash.

    Any one of these issues can be addressed by us. We can replace structural posts, re-concrete them into the ground or add additional support posts. The actual fence repairs will of course depend on why the fence is leaning. In some cases the damage is so severe that we do recommend completely replacing the fence.

    Fallen Fences
    Having a fallen fence can be a big problem, especially if you have pets in your yard. Some fallen fences can be repaired – the usable components can be fixed back in place (or repaired if needed) and only the parts that are beyond repair will need to be replaced. These sorts of fence repairs also usually require new structural posts. All of these types of fence repairs are doable and can be quoted up for your fallen fence.

    Missing Boards
    Sometimes fence boards and panels can come loose and fall off. These can either be replaced or re-fitted if the original panel is still ok. Loose boards can also be fixed back more securely.

    Damaged Sections
    Some fences have full sections of damaged fencing between their structural posts. These can be removed and disposed of, then replaced with fresh fencing where required. If the posts are still good, then they can simply be re-used. There will be a colour disparity between the fresh timber and the older weathered timber, but this will lessen over time.

    Damaged Structural Posts
    If your structural posts are loose, rotted, damaged or just in a state of disrepair, they can be replaced. This can help solidify fences that are wobbly or insecure because of their posts.

    Broken Gates
    Gates may stop functioning for a huge number of reasons:

    • rusted or broken hinges;
    • misaligned structural posts;
    • gate sagging;
    • damaged locking mechanisms and more.

    We can ascertain the reason for your gate not functioning properly during our initial inspection, and fix it to ensure the gate operates properly.

    If your timber or gate fence is damaged in some way and needs repairs, contact us today for a $100 callout fee and quote!

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    Helpful Hint #212

    Before you decide to go and build a whole new fence, check to see whether repairs to sections (including replacing the structural posts) are possible. This could be a cheaper alternative to a replacement, especially where only parts of the fence are actually damaged.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For any works to repair or rebuild a boundary fence, you will need to either discuss the specifics with your neighbour and come to an agreement on the work, or you will need to issue a formal fencing notice which outlines the details and cost. If you do not receive a response to the formal fencing notice within 30 days, you can then proceed without their permission, and reclaim costs in court later. You can find out more about fencing law in Victoria and dispute settlement from the Vic Justice website (https://www.justice.vic.gov.au/justice-system/laws-and-regulation/civil-law/fencing-law-in-victoria)

    Generally speaking, timber fences are not designed or built to take the weight of masses of climbing vines. Plants can be incredibly heavy and this will affect the structural integrity of your fence. There are ways that we can re-fix your fence and strengthen the posts, but there will still be a limit to how much weight it will be able to take using additional supports. Our recommendation is to plan your vines around brick walls, or brick and wrought iron fences.

    Generally speaking you should be able to put up a fence of 2m or less without a building permit, but some councils have stricter regulations than others and have lower limits than that.

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