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Repair and revitalise your outdoor entertaining area!

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    Is your deck starting to fall apart from age?

    Deck ownership means dealing with the ongoing maintenance of it to keep it in good condition, but sometimes life just gets in the way and the maintenance is left behind. Over time, nails can start to come away, boards can loosen and lift, and supporting beams can deteriorate. Attachments such as stairs and railings can also become damaged. These are all deck repairs that Universal Tradesman can help you with!

    Owning a deck that is in bad condition can be dangerous, especially for families with children or pets. Lifted nails and loose boards can be a trip hazard, and if panels are completely pried off this can be even worse. It’s best to jump on top of any minor repairs as soon as possible to ensure things don’t progress further and get worse. Nails can be rehammered or replaced, and broken boards can be removed and replaced all for a relatively low cost, but if you have to rebuild the whole deck it’s not going to be cheap!

    Deck repairs can be done either as a standalone job, or you can follow up the repairs with deck staining to make it look brand new. We could also add new railings and stairs if you need them but don’t currently have any. Decks can also be extended, or timber paths can be added to tie in the rest of your yard space.

    If you’ve got deck repairs that you need looked at, please contact us today which photos of the deck and a description of what works you need done!

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    Helpful Hint #784

    Decks do need fairly regular maintenance to stay in good condition. This includes re-staining, fixing down loose boards, hammering down nails and more. The worse the condition is allowed to deteriorate, the more money the repair bill ends up being. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can actually end up cheaper than not dealing with it until it's properly falling apart.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’ll depend on the condition of the deck and the nail itself, some may need replacement but others may not. We’d have to assess on a case by case basis.

    Yes we can, however there may be slight color disparities between the new timber and the old.

    We’ll need to assess all the posts to see how bad the rot is and how many posts really have been affected. Rebuilding it would really be a last resort, but the repair job would still be fairly intensive as the boards would need to be removed in order to access these support posts.

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