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    There's many additions that you can get to make better use of your deck!

    Decks are such a great part of the outdoor experience of your home. Sometimes they just need a little something extra, so that you can enjoy them to the fullest extent. Maybe the deck was built back when the gardens and yard were structured differently and now the orientation doesn’t make sense. Or maybe you’ve got a bit of a drop down from the deck to the rest of the yard and you need stairs and a railing to make them safe for your young children.

    All of this is possible with our deck add-ons services. There are many things that we can do to improve your deck, and if you’ve got an idea for a deck add-on that you want that isn’t on the list, feel free to contact us with your idea and we’ll help bring it to life!

    Adding or Relocating Stairs
    The addition of stairs to a deck that doesn’t have them yet, or relocating stairs that aren’t in the right spot can be a great benefit in yards that aren’t flat. These can be matched to the style and colour of your deck so that everything is stylistically consistent.

    Adding Rails
    A handrail or balustrade can be very useful for taller decks that pose a fall risk for children or the elderly. They can also be good for decks on flat land where a barricade or separator is desired to help split the land up.

    Deck Extensions and Paths
    Sometimes you find that you make more use of your deck than the rest of your garden and you’d like to extend it. We can add in second deck levels to uneven yards, additional wrap-around decks, or even timber paths that branch off the deck and lead into the yard.

    If you’ve got a deck add-on in mind that you want, contact us today and we’ll arrange to inspect your deck and quote the works!

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    Helpful Hint #1435

    Timber coloration can change with age and weather. Even if you use the exact same type of timber from the same yard for your deck add-on, there's every chance that there will be slight color disparities between your new deck and your add-on components, especially if your existing deck is very old. Staining can help hide a lot of this, but there may still be differences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Definitely – it shouldn’t be too difficult to restrict access underneath your deck with some matching timber planks. Unless of course your dog is a digger, in which case you may also need wire mesh beneath the barricade.

    Yes, this can be done.

    This should be fine, though we’d need to either inspect the stairs or view a photo of it first. We should be able to disassemble and rebuild/fit the stairs to another area.

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