Door Replacement

When it's time for a change

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    So it's time for a brand new door?

    Is your door in bad enough condition that there’s no point in replacing it? Or have you just had enough of the old one, and feel like it’s time for an upgrade? Well, door replacement is no problem at all for us at Universal Tradesman.

    Doors feel like such a minor thing around your house that people just don’t tend to think about them. But consider the fact that your doors are in constant use every day as you traverse your home, and they’re the precise thing that keeps strangers out of your home. They’re also one of the first few things people (including you) see when they go to your home. Do they really seem as minor as they did before?

    A door replacement doesn’t need to be an expensive or ornate thing. Many of the most stylish, modern homes use simple doors with sleek hardware and it really does work. They can also be styled to suit the feel of your home. Internal doors usually come unpainted so that you can match them to the surrounding environment. Solid timber can also be used, but this is more often restricted to the front door, due to their cost and weight. These doors can be stained, painted or left natural depending on your look.

    As part of our door replacement service, we can arrange the installation of a huge range of types of doors, and can also supply them if needed. We’re also happy for you to supply the door if that’s what you prefer. The doors we can supply and install include:

    • Front doors (and back doors) for both standalone homes and apartments
    • Fly screen installations where no fly screen door was previously
    • Internal room doors, both hinged or on sliding tracks
    • Automatic opener installation for garage doors
    • Sliding patio doors
    • Frames for new or replacement doors if the existing framework is not adequate.

    So, if you would like to discuss a door replacement with one of our tradespeople, please contact us today!

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    Helpful Hint #547

    If you're supplying a door for us to install for you, make sure you get the correct size. There's actually a few 'standard sizes' when it comes to doors, and accidentally purchasing the wrong one can be a time-consuming mistake.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This goes beyond just a simple door replacement job, but in most cases this can be done provided that the wall space above your door is appropriate to do so. The wall and frame will need to be altered for each door, so it’s not as cheap as just putting a new door in.

    Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem. We have carpenters for any serious framework issues, and the door replacement will be a breeze.

    It sure is, although there will be a surcharge involved in having a locksmith match them up so they both use the same key.

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