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Freshen up the look of your door

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    Is all you need a fresh coat of paint?

    Are your doors actually in usable condition and you just need some door painting done? Maybe you just need some minor patching and repairs, then need the door painting done after? Or perhaps you’ve just bought new doors for your house and need them painted to match everything else! Don’t worry. We’re here to help! 

    Our door painting services are suitable for a whole range of issues and door conditions; they’re not just limited to old doors in need of repair. We can do door painting for all of the following scenarios:

    • Painting brand new doors to match the rest of the home
    • Patching then painting scratched, dented or damaged doors
    • Door painting for re-sealing purposes
    • Door painting after a major repair (ie. rot damage or water swelling)
    • Door painting as part of a full or partial house painting or makeover
    • General door painting just to freshen up the look

    Door painting is actually a fantastic way to refresh an old, ugly door that has faded, peeled or just looks awful. In fact, you may be surprised by how much we can fix up a cracked old door. You might not even need to replace it with a new one! We’ve taken old doors where the entire face has fractured, cracked and peeled off in strips, and through some heavy sanding, fresh paint and a bit of love, made them look almost new again! This type of restoration is a great solution for heritage-styled buildings or homes which hold a special sort of nostalgia and you don’t wish to replace any parts.

    Door painting is also a good way to improve the look and feeling of ‘age’ of a property without having to spend extra money on buying new doors. Even if you were to purchase new doors, most of them still need to be painted anyway! It’s a good idea to weigh up your options before making a decision on it. 

    Colour matching services are also available for your door painting, so don’t stress if you don’t have any spare pots on hand! We can take an inconspicuous sample of the existing paint from a location we’ll be painting over, or that isn’t visible, and use this to get fresh paint in that colour. This can be helpful for colours that may have faded or altered over time. Matching an existing paint colour also means that you may not need to repaint an entire room just to get a consistent colour.

    If you’re still not quite sure about whether you want door painting to be done, why not send us some photos? We can take a look and advise on what we think might be a good course of action. Plus, if we need extra information or think it would be worthwhile meeting face-to-face we will book in a $100 callout fee so we can assess and advise you in person.

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    Helpful Hint #963

    A magic eraser is your best friend when it comes to removing marks and scuffs from doors. Staying on top of these little bits and pieces can help delay needing to repaint, unless you want to change colours entirely!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In most patch and paint cases, we won’t need to paint the entire door. We match the colour from a sample of paint we can scrape off an area that will be repainted anyway, and use that to obtain a paint colour that will blend in with the surroundings once dried. If the colour can’t be matched successfully or if the existing surface colour is inconsistent, then we will need to repaint the entire door.

    We would need to take a look at the door itself. If it’s not too damaged, we can usually repair and repaint it but we can’t guarantee this without seeing it first hand. Maybe send us a photo if you’re unsure, or book in to speak with one of our tradespeople.

    In most scenarios as long as we can get a sample of the colour, we should be able to match it. Otherwise, we will need to find a compromise with a similar shade.

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