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    Don't put up with a stuck, hard to open door.

    Are you finding that sticking doors are getting on your nerves? You’re not alone! This is such a common problem that people just get used to it, and don’t bother getting the repairs done. But when it can be such an easy problem to fix, why would you put up with something that annoys you? 

    This can affect: 

    • Sliding doors; 
    • Main entry doors; 
    • Garage doors;
    • Internal doors;
    • And even patio doors and more.

    Over time, these conditions may worsen too making it difficult or even impossible to open or close your door. This can be especially bad for elderly people or children, and being stuck inside or stuck out of your home is a major problem! 

    There are many reasons a door may be sticking, and part of the sticking doors repair service is for us to assess this root cause. By finding and addressing this cause, we can lessen the likelihood (and in many cases completely stop) the issue from happening again in the future. Some of these issues can include:

    • Swelling of timber due to moisture (either the door or the frame itself);
    • Deterioration (or misalignment) of the door hinges that causes the door to sit incorrectly in the frame;
    • Building movement causing misalignments in framework;
    • A sliding door not sitting correctly in its track, or the track has been damaged;
    • Or even delamination of the door panel snagging on the flooring.

    The cost of rectifying a sticking door will really depend on the reason for the issue. If the hinges are your problem, the fix will be fairly easy and can likely be solved by replacing or realigning the hinges within a callout. However, if your issue is swelling in the frame and the door, there’s a lot more work involved and we’ll likely need to re-paint as well. These sorts of repairs will set you back more as they take a lot longer. 

    If you’re unsure about why your door is sticking or still can’t decide if you want to get it fixed, just send us a nice, clear photo of the affected door! If any causes are apparent to us, we can advise you on the best course of action. And if the causes are not apparent, we can book in to inspect it at no cost to you and quote up the repairs!

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    Helpful Hint #735

    Maintaining your doors regularly can really help out with things like doors getting stuck. If you look after the hardware (especially the hinges) and get repairs done sooner rather than later, you can avoid hefty bills that are associated with major repairs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Don’t worry! We can re-fit the door to its tracks, and either repair or replace the door depending on how much damage it’s taken. Just note that in the case of some very old, or specialty/proprietary track systems, while we can sometimes retrofit a new door to suit the track system, some of them are so specialised that it simply won’t be doable even with the old door hardware. In these scenarios you may need to get a new sliding door track or replace it with a regular hinged door. That is a rare scenario though, so the best thing to do is just to have it assessed first!

    There’s a number of reasons why this could have happened, especially with a garage door. Many of the older garages aren’t well sealed or insulated, and they tend to be quite exposed to inclement weather. The most common cause is swelling and warping due to excess moisture, and expansion / contraction of the wood. Building movement is an equally common problem.

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