Water Damage Repairs

Combat damage from leaks and excess moisture

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    Have your ceilings and walls been damaged by water?

    Buildup of excess moisture and unexpected water leakage can damage the plaster of your walls and ceilings, and over time this can get worse and worse. Addressing the cause of your leak or excess moisture is always the first step, but this doesn’t help you with the damage that’s already been caused to your walls and ceilings. Thankfully, our water damage repairs service will have you sorted in no time.

    There are a number of common water damage issues that can affect your walls and ceilings, including:

    • mould build-up
    • discoloration of the plasterboard
    • cracking
    • sagging
    • cave-in / collapse
    • rotting of skirting boards

    These issues can be even worse in the bathroom where inadequate  waterproofing has caused major damage to the wall itself over years of deterioration. In such a scenario you’d be looking at almost a complete rebuild of the shower and possibly even bathroom, including waterproofing and tiling. Luckily, most wall and ceiling water damage repairs are fairly straight forward.

    Minor water damage repairs for issues like mould and wall discoloration only require cleaning, sanding and painting. As long as the leaks have been repaired, this sort of minor damage is quick, easy and fairly cheap to sort out.

    Moderate water damage repairs include things like rotten skirtings and wall and ceiling cracks. Depending on the severity, these can be patched and painted, or cut out and replaced.

    Severe water damage repairs include things like caved in ceilings, or entire rotted sections of walls. These jobs are extensive and depending on the location and severity can often include the involvement of many separate trades.

    If you have water damage repairs that you need done, no matter what the size of the project, contact us. We will be happy to help you out.

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    Helpful Hint #6

    Have you addressed the cause of your water damage? There's no point in doing a quick surface fix like painting over discoloration if it's going to reoccur and potentially worsen!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This depends on the sort of wall, and in many cases it’s not possible to tell how severe the wall water damage is without fairly ‘invasive’ exploration. If you know it’s just a minor leak that’s been sorted out straight away, and there’s some discolouration on your wall or ceiling, then you might be lucky and that might be it. But if you’re talking about a wall in a bathroom where tiles are coming away from the wall and the grout is all disintergrating, it could be much more serious. We’ve removed tiles from water damaged walls, and found that the entire wall behind it has completely deteriorated, and the only thing holding the tiles together was a bit of grout. Until things are fully investigated, we won’t be able to tell how far it goes, and how much it reasonably should cost to repair everything.

    It depends on the extent of the works required. If it’s incredibly minor and just needs painting, or patching and painting, it might only be a few hundred dollars. If we have to completely rebuild a wall, waterproof it and tile it, it will be thousands and thousands of dollars. The longer you wait for repairs, the worse the deterioration, and the more it’ll cost.

    It really depends on the cause of the rising damp and mould build-up. It’s sometimes an indicator of something worse, though it might just be the ventilation issue. This would need further investigation to confirm, but if you are retaining moisture it’s worth your time to check.