Patching and Painting

Say goodbye to odd dents and scratches around your home!

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    Do you have chips and scratches in your walls that you want to get rid of?

    Having holes, dents and scratches on your walls is a pretty normal part of living in a house. Bumping your walls while moving furniture, accidentally tripping and grazing the wall, over-excited pets or playful children rushing past, or any other general household accident can all contribute to adding wall imperfections.

    Very often people will just leave these dents because they’re a relatively minor inconvenience. But they do start to add up over time, and there comes a point when you’re sick of them and want to get them fixed. Or it could be a rental property where you need to make sure the property is in good order.

    Patching and painting is the solution to all of this. This involves filling the damaged section (hole, dent or scratch), sanding it back, then repainting that section. If exact paint from the wall itself can be supplied, that would be ideal. For all else, we can colour match by taking a sample of the paint colour we need to use.

    This easy process can be done on plaster walls and ceilings, doors, and even painted frames. Some surfaces are not suitable for this method (ie. stone, raw timber, brushed stainless) but please send through any photos of dents and scratches that need fixes and we will advise.

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    Helpful Hint #491

    Patching and painting is most cost effective when done in bulk. Whilst fixing only 1 or 2 patches seems expensive, you can do 10 times that quantity for almost the same price. It all comes down to the amount of time spent onsite waiting for things to cure, and how that wait time is spent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If it is a painted sill and not one that needs to have the timber fully visible, then yes. With stained timber, there will be a colour difference where any fillers are used.

    It is indeed, however we’d need to actually plaster the hole – we can’t use the same fillers that are used on little dents or scratches.

    Most definitely – this is one of the easiest things for us to patch and paint.

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