Dog-Proofing and Cat Enclosures

Keeping your beloved pets safe

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    Do you need some help with a Houdini-dog?

    Having a beloved pet is an essential part of life for many families! Part of being a good pet owner is providing a safe and secure backyard space for your pet. This used to be mostly applicable for dogs, but now cat enclosures and cat runs are also growing in popularity.

    These purpose-built secure outdoor spaces ensure your cat can have the freedom to explore and enjoy the fresh air, without leaving the boundaries of your property.


    Dog-proofing a property can come in many forms to suit both the needs of your dog, and also the specific challenges of your property. We’ve known many ‘Houdini-dogs’ who can escape from almost anything, and it’s a pleasure for us to be able to help like-minded people keep their pets safe from harm!

    Some of our dog-proofing services include:

    • Purpose-built fences and gates (keeping in mind that there are council regulations on how high a fence can be, which unfortunately may be a problem for some dog owners with high-jumping dogs)
    • Under-fence wire to prevent dogs digging their way out
    • Installation of doggy doors

    Of course, you may have other dog-proofing needs and ideas that you can run by us! We’re happy to assist in any way necessary, so contact us today!

    Cat Enclosures

    Cat enclosures are a great way to keep your cat safe from harm without keeping them indoors permanently. They stop your cat from running out onto busy roads, and stop them coming into contact with feral cats. They can also help limit unwanted or accidental litters.

    There are many companies online that you can purchase pre-built enclosures from that can just be assembled in your backyard, but we offer a slightly different service. We build enclosures from scratch to suit the space that you have. We can sit down with you and work out the best way to use your backyard space to create a run and/or enclosure that gives your cat an outdoor space they can feel free in.

    Helpful Hint #2105

    Having a problem with your dog barking too much? Things like passersby traffic and other dogs can trigger excitable dogs. Isolating your dog from close contact with these triggers can help lessen excess barking. Consider fencing off a ‘safe-zone’ in your yard, well away from the property boundaries to keep your pup calm and happy!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This depends on why your dog is digging – they might be bored, or something on the other side of the fence might be of huge interest to them. You might consider a few things to combat the different reasons why your dog is digging under the fence. Wire mesh under the fence can form a barrier that makes it harder to escape, but if your dog is still bored, they’ll find a way around. Consider investing in additional toys that interest your dog, or take them on long walks to tire them out.

    Oh yes. The whole idea of a cat enclosure is that it keeps your pets away from dangers such as roads or other animals, while giving them an outdoor space to run free in. They can’t get out, and other animals can’t get in!

    Sure, it doesn’t fall under dog proofing or cat enclosure but yes we can build housing for other types of animals too! If you’re sure a pre-made enclosure from your local pet shop or Bunnings isn’t adequate, we can definitely look at building a custom one for you!

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