Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

They're not always as easy as they seem!

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    Do you need help setting up your new flat pack furniture?

    Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve been walking through your local furniture store, and you’ve picked out a number of beautiful, well-priced cabinets, tables and chairs. They look incredibly fancy and are well-built; perfect upgrades for your home! You find their flat pack box codes and pay for them, plus home delivery. They finally arrive at your home, you rip open the top one, and oh no… there’s 763254 parts and fixings, and you don’t have any tools to put them together! Plus, the components are all incredibly heavy and awkward and you just can’t get the awful things built.

    This story is actually all too common. Everyone wants to have the most beautiful, modern-looking furniture and furniture companies are all too happy to oblige. Unfortunately, the desire for more beauty and aesthetics in our products means that flat packs are getting more and more difficult to put together as the complexity of designs increases. Traditional flat packs are easy, requiring maybe 1 or 2 tools that would come packaged with the box. Nowadays many flat packs require hand and power tools to assemble fully, and sometimes it’s all just too much.

    Luckily, we’re here to assist you with your flat pack furniture assembly! We have team members who come from carpentry and furniture building backgrounds, and they’re all too happy to help you out. We can assemble, disassemble, and move your flat pack furniture for you. We can even disassemble and reassemble your existing flat pack furniture, without the instructions! Our team relishes the idea of putting together flat packs; it’s like a big puzzle to them and they actually find it to be fun.

    So don’t wait any longer! Contact us today with your flat pack furniture needs, and we’ll get you sorted!

    Helpful Hint #3874

    Many of these flat pack furniture kits come with sets of allen keys or sometimes even cheap or disposable versions of the tools that you'll need to put them together. If you don't have your own tool kit already, keep them! They're incredibly useful to have for future items that need assembly. They also usually come in the precise sizes needed to assemble your furniture, which means that if a nut or a screw comes loose, you'll actually have exactly what you need to tighten it back up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is definitely a running joke among people who buy flat packs! In general most of the bigger brands are pretty good with making sure all the parts are there, and when it comes to fixings sometimes they’ll even provide a few extras just in case. The cheaper brands aren’t quite as vigilant, but usually the fixings are standard sizes and if we’re putting your flat pack together for you, there’s every chance we’ll have a spare fixing that will fit.

    We’re more than happy to help you move your furniture to get the new flat pack furniture in the right spot. No worries! And if something is far too heavy for one person, don’t worry! We can send more than just one person.

    We can, however there will be a disposal charge associated with any tip run that we might need to do. Alternatively we can disassemble and chop up anything you need disposed of into pieces you can handle yourself, and you can dispose of them at your leisure.

    We’re happy to help you out. Just schedule a time with us that suits you 🙂

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