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    Getting your AV setup correct can sometimes be more involved than people think. It’s not just a service for those of us who aren’t technologically orientated! There are many people and organisations who may need an AV setup technician, and it’s not just a case of plugging in a TV and stereo system (though we’re happy to do that too!).

    AV setup services can be utilised for many scenarios, including the following:

    • Schools or education facilities installing theatre rooms or digital classrooms;
    • Doctors and medical clinics who need facility-wide info TV systems;
    • People installing ‘smart home’ systems into their houses;
    • Businesses with tech-heavy boardrooms;
    • Anyone who needs a TV mounted to a wall.
    • Short term AV or speaker systems installs for events e.g. weddings, festivals or birthday parties.

    The most popular feature of an AV setup service is having concealed cabling and wiring. In some cases, this can be run through the walls or ceiling resulting in completely hidden electrical components. In other scenarios it is preferable to instead use conduit to cover the wiring, but still leave it easily accessible if need be. As part of our AV setup, we can offer either option at a cost.

    Of course, if this all sounds very intimidating, don’t worry! We can set up basic TV and AV setups as well, and there’s absolutely no judgement on our part. Not everyone is used to technology and how it works, but everyone should be able to enjoy it. 

    So whether you want to get your projector-screen theatre wired up and running, or you just need some help with your stereo system, contact us today. We’re sure we can help!

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    AV setups are usually more straight-forward than they seem. Just because there's a lot of cables doesn't mean they're confusing. Match up the correct colours, then just follow a common-sense map approach for the rest! Consider what appliance is 'outputting' the sound and visuals, and which appliance will be receiving those signals through their inputs. And if you've got a complex setup, we're here to help!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This isn’t silly at all – not everyone is used to modern technology. We’re more than happy to help you out.

    Absolutely, and you’ve actually jumped on this at the best moment possible.

    That’s okay, we’ll work with what you have and if we discover that you are indeed missing cables or have the wrong cables for the job, we will go out and purchase the correct ones for you.

    In most cases, yes! We will just need to make sure that the wall structure in your desired location is actually able to support a TV mounted to it and has no services behind it.

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