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17 Aug, 2021, 12:49 AM

Bathroom trends change from country to country and year to year: however, there are some principles that will stand the test of time and are universal. Below is a compilation of expert knowledge that can be used as an essential guide to bathroom renovations. These guidelines will address all the vital aspects of your bathroom reno. This includes information such as maximizing space, selecting the materials, waterproofing and the projected costs.

Reasons for Renovating Your Bathroom

Taking into consideration the reasons you wish to renovate your bathroom will assist you in guiding its design. Think about the things you like about the existing space and the things you would like to change. This will provide the ideal point from which to start.

Time Frame for the Bathroom Restoration

The build stage of the bathroom renovation could take between 3 and 8 weeks to complete. Additionally, it is not unusual for homeowners to spend up to two months collecting ideas, determining a design and selecting fixtures and materials. A renovation specialist will be capable of working according to a budget and timeline that is most suitable for the individual homeowner.

Guidelines for Saving Money

Tradesman Undertaking A Vanity Install VictoriaIf expense is a big factor, the following steps can be taken to save significantly on the bathroom reno:

• Typically, making changes to the layout of the bathroom will be the most significant cost. This is because more intricate plumbing work would be required. Keeping the existing layout as it is, will make for considerable savings.

• Luxurious fittings could also consume a large portion of your budget. Sticking to the basic range of fittings and choosing one costly “statement” piece to bring an atmosphere of class will also save you money.

• It is important to install timers on towel rails and underfloor heating as doing this will help in lowering your power bills.

• Go for a trade company that has professional tilers and proven expertise in the industry. It is a well-known practice for handymen to provide prospective clients with very low quotations to undercut the competition and secure the contract. Typically, this approach will result in those tradesman cutting corners to make sure they can generate a profit from the project. This means the homeowner ends up having to endure a second-rate renovation.

Selecting a transparent company that produces the breakdown of a customized plan and budget up front will provide you with peace of mind that you will be aware of what your expectation should be and for what you are paying. Additionally, a reputable contractor will focus on specialized project management and as such, proper management of time will be kept to an absolute maximum. This will result in even more opportunities to save.

Costs of Bathroom Renovation

$10,000 to $15,000

Typically, this cost category will not enable you to reposition fixtures such as the bath, shower, vanity or toilet. However, you will have the capacity to replace the current fixtures with brand new ones and still be able to use paint, tiling and accessories to produce a drastic difference.

Mid-range Bathroom Reno
$15,000 to $25,000

The majority of homeowners typically want to move around fixtures in the bathroom to establish a space that truly flows and works well for them. Doing this will involve additional electrical and plumbing work; however, it is worth the additional cost. To provide you with a general concept, you will probably have to spend between $13,000 and $14,000 for a mid-range bathroom renovation. This would involve a new shower, bath, toilet and vanity as well as paint, extractor fan, lights, underfloor heating, heated towel rail, floor tiles and wall tiles that go 1.2 meters up the walls. A total bathroom makeover which is tiled to the ceiling with complete tiled shower and fit out would start at roughly $17,000.

High-end Bathroom RenoBathroom

If you have a sizeable budget, you can think about creating a deluxe spa feel with a variety of high-end fittings you prefer. A freestanding claw foot bath can be used to create a bold statement and become the focal point of the space. Additionally, you could create a futuristic feel by installing smart-home technology that will enable you to control different aspects of the bathroom experience. These include creating custom settings, controlling light settings, the temperature and managing entertainment system. Stone tiles and underfloor heating are also quite a popular addition to high-end bathroom renos.

Establishing Your Budget

Determining the amount of money you have set aside for the bathroom renovation is important. This will have an immense impact on the extent of work and the outcome you can realistically expect.

DIY Renovation Versus Hiring an Expert

Are you experienced and knowledgeable enough to undertake the renovation project? DIY renos sound appealing due to the potential to save on cost; however, there is no guarantee that the desired result will be achieved. In addition, there is often DIY projects that cost a lot more than they should because homeowners end up having to call the professionals to repair a botched job. Therefore, this option cannot be recommended unless you are a confident interior designer, plumber and tiler.

Hiring the Best Tradesmen

If peace of mind is what you seek, it is always wise to use a small renovation company with the capacity to professionally undertake the entire project. Doing this will save money and time since you will not have to take on management of the project. Additionally, it is likely that you will get fittings and appliances at better rates. All you will be required to do is tell the tradies how you want the space to look and choose among the tiles, fixtures, appliances and paint that will be recommended.

Bathroom Renovation Designs

Limitless options are there as it related to styling the bathroom and a good design starts with proper functionality. As such, you should always consider the practical impact before making decisions about any bathroom design.

Planning Your Bathroom: Things to Consider

Bathroom Renovation MelbourneSpace

Do not make the blunder of including all the fittings in the world because they can fit into the floor plan. Separate wet and dry areas like beside the bath and in front of the shower. Brushing your teeth and getting your feet wet is not fun for most people. If you are renovating, bear in mind that it is likely that some restrictions might exist where positioning the fittings is concerned because of the plumbing setup. If you are unsure about the setup, speak with an expert.


To escape a badly-designed space, you must consider what are the ‘must haves.’ The ‘must haves’ in most bathrooms include a toilet, a shower and a vanity with a sink. From here, the available space can be analyzed and other desired elements added. These could include additional storage and a freestanding bath.

Bath and Shower

There are a few options available. If the space is only enough for the shower or the bath, go for a shower bath or choose the shower. If the space is big enough for both, a luxurious touch can be added with a freestanding spa bath or a double shower.


Would you prefer a floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilet? Do you prefer to have the cistern mounted to the wall or built into it? These decisions will impact the amount of space the toilet area will occupy and the renovation cost.


Before experimenting with creative lighting sources, the basics should be covered. The vanity and sink area should be properly illuminated. A good option is having an LED lightbar or strip right above the mirror. For options that are more classical, try a small pair of pendants or a wall sconce. If relaxation is the aim, a calming ambiance can be created with dimmable spotlights. If your bathroom is in its original form and pre 90s, it might be worth looking at getting an electrician to rewire the electric cables throughout the room, as the rubber insultation on the cables can deteriorate over time and potentially become a fire hazard.

Fixtures and Fittings

If you have decided to hire a specialist renovation company, a consultant will guide you through the process of choosing the right fittings that fits your style and budget and do so at reduced rates. There is also the option of choosing your preferred suppliers.


If you prefer a minimalist and chic design, you should also ensure that it is practical, especially where storage is concerned. A visible collection of toiletries, makeup and other essentials can ruin the visual appeal of the space; therefore, carefully consider the position and size of cupboards and drawers. Where it concerns creating an indulgent space, the more clutter-free, the better. Remember the option of mounting cabinets on the wall and using the available corners for a vanity unit and sink.

Bathroom Technology

Consider having bathroom technology installed like adding a digital shower equipped with LED temperature control, voice-controlled lighting or a built-in Bluetooth speaker in the shower head. Additionally, mirror cabinets could include touchless control panels to manage mirror heating, dimming function and LED lighting.


Tiles are available in many textures, sizes and shapes and are the ultimate choice largely comes down to personal preference. Below are a few tips on selecting the right varieties:

• Avoid using floor tiles that will become excessively slippery
• Avoid using many styles or colours in the bathroom.
• Select a colour theme and endeavour to stick with a theme that complements the entire home.
• Typically, large tiles look better in a larger bathroom and small tiles look better in a smaller space.
• The look is not all that matters, select tiles that will feel good on bare feet and when touched.
• If you prefer bathroom tiles that are not plain, select a remarkable tile and utilize it as accent features throughout the bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Options Melb

Common Blunders in Modern Bathroom Renovations

Below is a list of common mistakes in ensuite and bathroom restorations. Bear in mind that if you decide to use a renovation business, you will not need to be concerned about these mistakes being made.

• Not leaving adequate room to maneuver when someone stands at the sink or the door is open.
• Bath too large for the space, leaving inadequate floorspace.
• Inadequate space between fixtures, leaving insufficient space to remove clothing, dry yourself and move around.
• Storage cabinets being too high or too low. Measurements should be made before determining height.
• Constant wet floors caused by poorly positioned wet areas.
• Small space with oversized tiles

Avoiding these blunders will make for a more fulfilling bathroom renovation experience.

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